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League of Legends Champions Price Update

League of Legends Champions Price Update

    Last Updated on February 20, 2023

Usually, new League of Legends champions cost more, while older ones cost less. However, Riot Games aims to change that with a new price update for their characters. After all, the prices remained stagnant for almost a decade.

Although Riot plans to update the prices, new champions will still cost more Blue Essence. If you don’t play, Blue Essence (BE) is the in-game currency for League of Legends. Yet, Riot still wants to make champions accessible to new players. You should also check out the new changes in the ranked queue.

The required BE for League of Legends champions goes from lowest to highest, with the highest for new characters. It goes as 450 BE, 1350 BE, 3150 BE, 4800 BE, 6300 BE, and 7800 BE.

League of Legends Champions BE Tiers

Riot placed these champions into tiers according to the BE cost. However, that’s also what they’re planning to change in the price update. The developers might transfer characters that cost 4800 BE to 450 BE or vice versa.

The game developers want to put more League of Legends champions at lower prices. They also want to help new players experience more versatility in their picks. Riot also wanted to transfer characters like Miss Fortune, Malphite, and Yuumi to lower BE costs.

The surprising amount of sentiment for Yuumi also gave us quite a thrill. Even more, Riot wants to put more approachable characters in the 1350 BE tier. These champions include Sett and Yasou, who aren’t difficult but complex enough.

The 3150 BE tier will include champions that require more mechanical skills, like Le Blanc or Shaco. You will also find most of the League of Legends champion pool in the 4800 BE tier. However, the 6300 BE and 7800 Be tiers will remain the same.

6300 BE includes champions released for the past two seasons, while 7800 BE has characters released from a week.

Overall, this represents a fairly significant decrease to the BE/RP cost of our roster, which should make it easier for players starting their journey to find the fun in League.

– Riot Games

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