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Is PlayStation on the Verge of Acquiring More Triple-A Developers?

Is PlayStation on the Verge of Acquiring More Triple-A Developers?

    Last Updated on April 23, 2023

After PlayStation acquired Triple-A developer, Firewalk Studios, rumors about more high-profile acquisitions came swirling up once again. Some speculate that PlayStation still has something in its bag. Perhaps something to the degree of the massive Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard last year. Nevertheless, Firewalk Studios welcoming the PlayStation family is big news in itself.

PlayStation Acquires Firewalk Studios

Back in 2021, Sony announced its willingness to publish Firewalk’s first game. This particular game is said to be a live-service type of game for the PS5 and PC. Now, Sony officially enlists the studio under their huge banner, furthering its reach in the live-service games market. 

Firewalk Studios marks the third dedicated live-service game studio PlayStation acquired in less than 2 years. The first two are Bungie (makers of the Destiny franchise) and Haven Studios. Moreover, the studio is also said to be the 20th developer that joined PlayStation Studios.

Interestingly, Firewalk was formed in 2018 by a small number of former Bungie employees. This includes Destiny’s previous general manager and senior vice president Tony Hsu and former creative director at Bungie Ryan Ellis. Now, the two serve as Firewalk’s studio head and game director, respectively.

PlayStation has since made clear its intentions to focus more on live-service type of games over the past few years. As a matter of fact, the studio is currently developing ten simultaneous live-service projects as of the moment of writing.

PlayStation Acquires Triple-A Firewalk Studios

Are More Triple-A Acquisitions in the Works for PlayStation?

As impressive as PlayStation’s recent Triple-A developer acquisitions may be, some still firmly believe that they could go bigger. Many argue that PlayStation wants to counter Microsoft’s aforementioned titanic acquisition last year. Rumor mills say that PlayStation currently has Square Enix and Techland in their sights. 

Because Final Fantasy XVI is set to be a PlayStation exclusive, there are a lot of reasons why someone would believe just that. Techland, on the other hand, is a bit murkier. With all that said, PlayStation acquiring both, or even at least one of the two could certainly send shockwaves all across the industry.

So, what do you think? Is PlayStation really gearing up for another Triple-A developer acquisition bombshell? For more articles like this and up-to-date gaming news, stay tuned to our website and follow our socials.

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