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Games to Try Out in the Steam Next Fest

Games to Try Out in the Steam Next Fest

    Last Updated on February 10, 2023

The Steam Next Fest is now up and running! It is time for us gamers to catch a glimpse of information for the upcoming games in 2023. 

What is the Steam Next Fest? It is that wonderful time of year when Valve and a bunch of video game developers get together to flood Steam with hundreds of free demos of upcoming video games. Since Steam will be flooded by them, we took the liberty to list out the games that you should try before it ends.

Over seven days, from February 6 to February 13, Steam is running its Next Fest. Hundreds of demos are available to download for free as part of the event. The entries span every genre: action, strategy, simulators, role-playing games, puzzles, VR, multiplayer games, and plenty more.

Since Steam will be flooded by them, we took the liberty to list out the games that you should try before it ends. Most of these demos are time-limited and will be only available during the Steam Next Fest.

Without further ado, let us start listing out the must-try Steam Next Fest game demos. 

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Mars First Logistics

Welcome to Mars. You are a lone robot stuck there and forced to help humans fix the place. It’s a tough job, but at least you get to have fun with it. In Mars First Logistics you have to build and rebuild different robots to complete delivery tasks. 

For example, you might need to pick up a box of oranges and then carry a large steel beam. While one robot design might work perfectly for one task, that same design might be awful for the other. So rebuilding, tinkering, and testing is a large part of the game.


Driftwood is a longboarding game that looks very chill but hides an intense experience under the surface.

If you want, you can go slowly and just cruise down the roads and hills of Driftwood, maybe listening to Fleetwood Mac. But if you push forward on the left stick more and take advantage of the in-game scoring system. It rewards you for taking risks and drifting, you will quickly discover this sloth and his longboard can go very, very fast. 

Thankfully, the game plays great at any speed thanks to tight, responsive controls.

Cardboard Town

Cardboard Town takes the basic city-builder concept of creating a large, efficient, and diverse city and shakes it up with random cards. These cards can be good or bad and can completely change your plans. If you get a bunch of factory and road cards you will likely have to change your plans or risk failing by running out of resources.

Visually, Cardboard Town is a treat. The design of every building, bush, and other in-game objects seemingly looks hand-crafted out of paper and cardboard. Sadly, it does feel like the game needs more music and sound effects, but what’s here is solid and worth playing.

Planet of Lana

Swedish indie studio, Wishfully, announced Planet of Lana in 2021. They expect the game to launch in 2023. 

The platformer follows the titular Lana and her creature companion on a mission to save Lana’s sister. The planet they live on spirals into chaos because of a seemingly extraterrestrial attack. Wishfully says the game is not about war. It is about the “vibrant, beautiful planet and the journey to keep it that way.”

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