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Gaimin Gladiators Win Dreamleague Season 19

Gaimin Gladiators Win Dreamleague Season 19

    Last Updated on April 27, 2023

West European team Gaimin Gladiators outlast Team Liquid to win ESL DreamLeague Season 19. This after GG took TL to the full 5 games in an intense back-and-forth grand final. Winning DreamLeague qualifies them for the Riyadh Masters this coming July. Gaimin Gladiators are the first team to qualify and now set their sights on Berlin Major gold as well.

The road to the grand final was not the smoothest of sails, but GG was consistent in their performance. With the new patch releasing right as playoffs started, many doubted their capabilities. This doubt was further stoked as rival Team Liquid swept them in the upper bracket final to get to the finals. Initial doubts were cleared when GG swept the NA team Shopify Rebellion in the lower bracket final.

The 1st group stage saw GG stand at the top, together with NA and SA teams Shopify and EG. All three teams held a 10-4 record, a win short of Liquid’s 11-3 in the other group. Group stage 2 saw their mettle tested as TL finally mixes with group A. Despite their best efforts, they finished with a 12-4 under Liquid’s 12-3 but won the same amount of games.

Gaimin Gladiators at the Playoffs

Playoffs saw both GG and Liquid in the upper bracket under the new 7.33 patch. TL routed GG, in what many saw as Liquid’s revenge plot. GG opted for a rematch at the Grand Final in a classic 5-game series much like the Lima Major. Full-strength liquid took 2 games away from GG, but Gaimin had the final say in the game, with a 3-2 lead. 

For their efforts, GG is qualified for the Riyadh Masters, along with a $300,000 prize for first place. Day after this grand final, GG will return to ESL via the Berlin Major. They may once again face Team Liquid in the group stage.

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