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Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus Mode Feels Like a Different Game Entirely

Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus Mode Feels Like a Different Game Entirely

    Last Updated on June 21, 2023

Games today, especially high-budget ones, almost always have a New Game Plus mode feature. Often abbreviated as NG+, this feature allows you to start a new playthrough after finishing it once. However, this time, you can have certain aspects of your previous playthrough right from the start. This could include character levels, abilities, equipment, or even story choices, depending on the game. With the 16th mainline entry in the Final Fantasy franchise just around the corner, fans now wonder if the triple-A game will include a Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus mode. And the answer to that is yes. There will indeed be a Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus mode after beating the game once.

Square Enix Confirms NG+ for FFXVI

Hiroshi Takai, the director of Final Fantasy XVI himself, confirmed recently that Final Fantasy XVI will have a New Game Plus feature. According to him: “There’s also New Game Plus, which carries over your play data, and you’re able to play the game again. And you can do that in story-focused mode or action-focused mode.” Pretty standard stuff, to be honest. 

However, he continued by saying something very interesting. “but for New Game Plus we also have a third mode that we introduced called the Final Fantasy mode, which not only is more challenging, but also changes enemy placement and the enemies that you fight, so it’s a completely different experience.” 

Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus Mode Confirmed

Through that, we can’t help but feel excited about what Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus mode has in store. It is clear that Square Enix wants to give a unique spin on the traditional NG+ approach and we are all up for it.

Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus Mode – What Will It Have

In the context of Final Fantasy XVI (FFXVI), while specific details about its New Game Plus mode may not be available yet, we can speculate based on how this mode has worked in previous entries in the series and other similar games.

In general, the Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus mode might allow for the following:

  1. Continuation of character progression
    Your characters may retain their levels, abilities, and equipment from your previous playthrough. This can make the early game much easier and allow you to face more challenging content earlier.
  2. New story content
    Sometimes, NG+ modes include new story elements or alternative endings that are only accessible in this mode. This can make it feel like you’re playing a new game, even though you’re technically replaying the same one.
  3. Increased difficulty
    Many games increase the difficulty in NG+ mode. They often introduce tougher enemies and more complex challenges to keep the game interesting for experienced players.

With that said, do take note that Takai didn’t mention if the New Game Plus mode feature will drop on day one. Take, for example, God of War: Ragnarok. The game didn’t have any NG+ when it initially came out. However, after a few months, the highly-awaited feature dropped, thus exciting fans yet again.

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