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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Physical Edition: A Second Chance for Collectors

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Physical Edition: A Second Chance for Collectors

    Last Updated on June 23, 2023

For a gaming franchise as legendary as Final Fantasy, there will be several collectors worldwide all vying to have the chance to get physical copies of all existing games. And if you are one of such, then we have good news for you! The sought-after Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster physical edition is making a comeback! This gives Final Fantasy collectors and JRPG enthusiasts a second chance to have this prized collection.

The Increasing Demand for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Physical Edition

As soon as the news that Square Enix is planning to release physical copies of the classic Final Fantasy games (FF1 – FF6), gamers worldwide went into a frenzy trying to secure themselves a copy. Unfortunately, Square Enix underestimated the demand for the games, and thus, supply turned out to be very limited. Many, sadly, were left empty-handed as copies sold out almost instantaneously. 

While digital versions of the same games remain prevalent, fans of the franchise just want physical ones. If it isn’t apparent yet, demand for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster physical editions is undeniably high. To make the situation even worse, those looking to display these gems on their shelves are left with no choice. They may have to buy from scalpers or resellers who often put outrageous price tags on such.

And with the situation now clear to everyone reading this, let us now head for the good news.

Play Asia to the Rescue

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Physical Edition Play Asia

Play Asia, an independent online retailer, has responded to the high demand by announcing the restock of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster physical editions for the Nintendo Switch. These editions will be available at a reasonable price of $79.99.

However, the restocked versions offered by Play Asia are specifically the Asia region physical copies. Despite that, take note that they are fully compatible with all Nintendo Switch systems. One interesting distinction between the North American version and the Asia region version is the absence of age ratings on the cover or cartridge. Moreover, the reverse side of the cover features pixelated characters from the series, adding a nostalgic touch for devoted fans.

Play Asia will reportedly restock the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster physical editions within the current or following month. This presents an excellent opportunity for collectors who missed out on the initial release. Also, those who simply wish to relive the classics in their enhanced form.

Final Words

This restock serves as a beacon of hope for both Final Fantasy enthusiasts and retro gaming collectors. In addition to giving them the chance to own Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster physical copies, it also signifies that there is still substantial demand for classic FF games worldwide. Add to that the fact that Final Fantasy 16 is doing very well in sales! Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise does appear to be in its best form in recent memory right now. So, keep your eyes peeled for the restock next month. Seize this opportunity to dive back into the rich history of this beloved series.

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