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Fan Designs Mega Evolution for Pokemon Tropius

Fan Designs Mega Evolution for Pokemon Tropius

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

The community has stepped up whenever Game Freak couldn’t, and this led to a beautiful Mega Evolution fan art. Among the many gimmicks of Game Freak, the Mega Evolution gimmick was the one that struck the most. 

The Mega Evolution feature was indeed awesome and it skyrocketed to popularity. However, Game Freak did not bless many Pokemon with the Mega Evolution. Currently, there are only 46 Pokemon who are able to Mega Evolve, with plenty of Pokemon left in a ditch.

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Tropius: The Lonely Leafy Dinosaur

Among the forgotten Pokemon is Tropius, one of the several Pokemon designs based on dinosaurs. Tropius first made an appearance in Gen 3, and two characteristics catch the eye. 

The first is the appearance of this Grass/Flying-type, a sauropod-like Pokemon with green leaves covering parts of its body. In addition, it has bananas for a beard. The second is that Tropius does not evolve into or from any other Pokemon. 

Pokemon Tropius

Although Tropius looks like a heavy Pokemon, it has no problem flying with its leafy wings. These Pokemon live in tropical jungles, and the fruits of Alola’s Tropius are sweeter than the fruits of Tropius from other regions.

I am one of those who are disappointed that Tropius does not have an evolution. Its design and typing offer so much potential, and not having an evolution kinda hurts it a little. It would be great if it has a baby Pokemon or an evolution, but that’s life. 

To make things worse for the poor leafy dinosaur, it didn’t receive the prestigious Mega Evolution feature. It remains a lonely Pokemon with no evolutionary tree whatsoever.

Fan Saves The Day With Mega Evolution Tropius

Reddit user MarceloGiribaldi shared on the Pokemon subreddit their idea of a Mega Evolution for Tropius. Although it was controversial when introduced, Pokemon’s Mega Evolution mechanics have become an aspect remembered fondly by fans. 

Much of this is due to Pokemon like Lucario, Gengar, and Mewtwo, whose new designs have made them more popular. In fact, some of the more popular Pokemon received two Mega Evolutions like Charizard.

In the fan art, MarceloGiribaldi keeps the idea of Tropius’ body design. The Mega Tropius fan art changed the appearance of the leaves and the Pokemon’s head. Another interesting detail is the Pokemon’s color palette, changing the leaves to a more Autumn design.

Mega Evolution Tropius

In the comments on MarceloGiribaldi’s post, other Redditors showed a lot of love for the Mega Tropius. One of the comments said they thought it was a crime that Pokemon never featured a Mega Banana Tree. Another commenter said they hated how Mega Evolutions never came back in the series.

It seems like many are disappointed that Mega Evolutions did not become the norm in the franchise. We can only wish that Mega Evolution comes back in the near future.

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