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Fan Art Turns Dragonite into a Demon Slayer

Fan Art Turns Dragonite into a Demon Slayer

    Last Updated on May 5, 2023

For the weebs out there, we all know that Demon Slayer anime crashed into the mainstream with impressive visuals and combat. The anime series became wildly popular, and deservedly so. Even I am a firm believer that it is a top-tier show and a great entry for new anime fans.

However, if you are a fan of both Pokemon and Demon Slayer you got yourself a treat! An artist has reimagined the lovable Dragonite as a Demon Slayer. Reddit user “abz-art” shared a fan art on Reddit that turned Dragonite into a Demon Slayer. 

Demon Slayer Dragonite

With a determined expression, Dragonite dons an outfit that mimics the scales of a dragon, complete with intricate details. In addition, abz-art gave Dragonite’s equipment a lore. This formidable Pokemon wields a blue sword, crafted from the scales of its fallen siblings, rendering it virtually indestructible.

Completing the outfit is a necklace with a similar origin to its sword. The necklace grants Dragonite access to limitless power to slay the most powerful demons in the world of Demon Slayer. Even Muzan Kibutsuji will fear Dragonite when the demon encounters the dragon.

Abz-art’s interpretation of Dragonite as a Demon Slayer has garnered praise on both Reddit and the artist’s Instagram profile. Fusing the two popular anime games together is clearly a good and popular idea.

Demon Slayer Dragonite Fan Art

Since Dragonite is one of the more popular Pokemon in the franchise, the fan art spread like wildfire on Reddit. It turns out that fusing two popular things together properly will become, you guessed it, popular.

As to what Dragonite’s breathing technique would be, it is all up to our imaginations. Personally, I believe that Dragonite should have its own original breathing style because it is a crossover character. 

What I loved about this fan art was not only is it visually appealing, but it also offered interesting lore. Dragonite as a demon slayer is already unusual, but the addition of the lore makes it more enticing. 

Seeing this fan art made me want to see a crossover game wherein the two franchises collide. It doesn’t matter whether they stay true to the Pokemon formula or a Demon Slayer fighting game. I want this game to happen and I will quickly buy it when it becomes available.

Dragonite: The Dragon of Generation 1

Dragonite is the only Dragon-type in the Generation 1 Pokemon games. Since it is the only Dragon type, the Pokemon quickly became popular and beloved among fans. Before the introduction of the Fairy-type, Dragons were severely overpowered in the game.

What made Dragonite more interesting was its evolution line. Dragonite severely strays away from the appearance of its pre-evolutions Dratini and Dragonair. Dratini and Dragonair sport a snake-like blue-colored bodies with a horn. 

Surprisingly, Dragonite became a bipedal dragon with wings, and its body turned yellow. It confused many of the Pokemon trainers as to why Dragonite’s appearance differed far too much from its pre-evolutions. However, Pokemon trainers have come to love this huggable creature because of its personality. 

Dragonite is a kind Pokemon with human-like intelligence and the ability to willingly help people. At the same time, Dragonite can get furious if its environment is threatened. The Pokemon will only calm down when it sees that it has destroyed the thing that angered it.

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