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Everything We Know About the Nintendo Switch 2

Everything We Know About the Nintendo Switch 2

    Last Updated on April 30, 2023

Nintendo Switch fans have been eagerly awaiting news about a possible Nintendo Switch 2. A recent job listing has provided some intriguing hints about what we can expect. While Nintendo has yet to make any official announcements, this suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 is in the works.

NERD Posts Job Listing

The job listing in question is for a position within the Nintendo European Research and Development (NERD) team based in Paris, France. The listing calls for an engineer with experience in game development. 

The listing notes that the position will require the ability “to explore, define and implement software solutions” and “high-performance implementation.” This perhaps suggests that the Switch 2 will be significantly more powerful than its predecessor.

This aligns with previous reports that claim the next Nintendo console will pack Nvidia power. While the original Switch was certainly a powerful machine for its time, a next-gen Switch with even greater processing power would certainly be welcome news for gamers who crave the latest and greatest technology.

The job listing also makes direct reference to “targeting current and next-generation Nintendo platforms.” This is a pretty clear indication that Nintendo is considering what its next gaming platform will look like. Factoring in that the Switch turned six years old last month. It seems fairly likely that whatever comes next is in a reasonably advanced stage of development.

Current Nintendo Switch Isn’t In Danger

Another intriguing detail in the job listing is the mention of “cross-platform development.” This could mean that Nintendo plans to launch a Switch 2 while continuing to support the current model. This would be great news for fans who want to continue playing new games without having to upgrade.

It should also be noted that NERD has a history of working on emulation. There’s speculation that the current classic games catalog is being prepared for whatever “next generation” platform Nintendo is cooking up. 

This would make sense as it seems unlikely that Nintendo will want to start the service from scratch on a hypothetical Nintendo Switch 2 after spending years slowly adding classic games to its library.

However, it’s important to remember that all of this is still speculation at this point. While the job listing provides some tantalizing hints about what we can expect from the next Nintendo console. 

Nintendo Switch 2 White Color

Will the Nintendo Switch 2 Come True?

There’s no guarantee that any of it will actually come to fruition. Nintendo is known for being tight-lipped about its upcoming products, and we may not hear anything official for some time.

So when can we expect the Nintendo Switch 2 to be released? Unfortunately, we don’t have any concrete information on that front just yet. With so many rumors, it’s hard to say when or even if the next Nintendo console will be unveiled. 

However, the fact that Nintendo is actively hiring for a position related to the next-gen Switch suggests that it’s not too far off in the future.

In the meantime, Switch fans can continue to enjoy the current console and speculate about what the future holds. Whether the Nintendo Switch 2 ends up being a reality or not. It’s clear that Nintendo is committed to pushing the boundaries and delivering top-notch gaming experiences to its fans.

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