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Eve Online Player Overthrows a Corporation; Walked Away with $22,375

Eve Online Player Overthrows a Corporation; Walked Away with $22,375

    Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Eve Online, the expansive MMORPG that has its thriving economy involving real-world money, had its vulnerabilities exposed yet again. A player purportedly walked away with in-game currency worth $22,375 by performing a series of complicated tasks for more than a few weeks. Although, it is a far cry from the $60,000 theft (the game’s biggest theft event yet) back in 2017. However, the fact that somebody managed to pull it off should be taken as a warning by all Eve Online players.

How One Eve Online Player Walked Away with $22,375 

The incident was detailed by Reddit user ‘Flam_Hill,’ who also claims to be the one responsible for the theft. According to the user, it was by pure coincidence that they came into ownership of 1000 shares for Even Horizon Expeditionaries (EHE). EHE is one of the biggest spacefaring corporations in the game, housing over 299 real-life members. That said, what he did with that share was all pre-planned.

The Infiltration

Aware of the potential gains he could achieve with his sizable shares on EHE, the user reached out to other players. With the help of an accomplice, he sought to take advantage of the situation and overthrow EHE as a whole. The schemers hoped to do this by infiltrating the company and eventually calling a vote to replace the top dog of the corporation. Basically, the user wants the top position in EHE to gain access to its treasury.

Flam_Hill and his accomplice then started creating new Eve Online accounts and spent most of their time these past few weeks to be accepted in the corporation itself. It took a whole lot of patience and effort, but they eventually succeeded. Both of them were accepted, and the plan is now in motion. 

The Vote that Decides Everything

Now within the corporation, they sought to overthrow, Flam_Hill transferred his shares to the new account via in-game transaction. He and his buddy aim to use them to call a vote to ask for a new CEO. 

This part of the scheme all depends on whether the leaders of EHE are active enough to see what is happening or not. If yes, and any of them voted no, the plan would cease right then and there. Unfortunately, Flam_Hill thought right. Three days already passed and none batted an eye. The vote went without anyone even noticing, and now the schemer himself is atop EHE.

With his new position as the CEO of EHE, he started booting out the corporation’s existing leaders. There is no stopping Flam_Hill now. Not long after, he started emptying EHE’s treasury, which reportedly had over 2.23 trillion Isk currency (the in-game currency). This haul equates to about $22,375 or £17,924 as Isk can be used to purchase Plex currency, which can then be sold for real-world currency.

Highlighting the Weakness

Eve Online Gameplay

If the Reddit user’s story is true then it highlights the weaknesses of Eve Online corporations and perhaps the game itself. If only EHE’s leaders were active enough, they could have easily prevented this incident. 

However, they weren’t. And now, everyone under them suffers. Eve Online cannot do anything with it as well. In hindsight, the schemers did nothing wrong as it all went to a ‘democratic’ vote. Not condoning what he had done, as stealing is still stealing at the end of the day, but his plan is pretty brilliant.

Who do you think is the most responsible for this recent theft event in Eve Online? Let us know your thoughts. For more gaming news and helpful articles, visit our website today and follow us on everything.

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