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Early Copies of Final Fantasy 16 are Out; Along with Spoilers

Early Copies of Final Fantasy 16 are Out; Along with Spoilers

    Last Updated on June 16, 2023

To those that want to experience the highly-anticipated 16th entry to the Final Fantasy franchise, better lay off the internet for a while as spoilers are now flooding in. Lucky gamers got their hands already on the early copies of Final Fantasy 16. And, sadly, they just couldn’t seem to contain everything just to themselves. Perhaps to rub in the face of those that have to wait for much longer to play the game, these select few started spewing spoilers everywhere on the internet. Now, ordinary gamers, such as us, scramble to not come across any spoilers. Now, innocently browsing the Web risks spoilers, which sucks.

The Release of Final Fantasy 16 Early Copies

The official release date of Final Fantasy 16 is on June 22, 2023. While most fans patiently wait for it, some have luckily managed to get their hands on the game’s physical copies early. As per a ResetEra (a prominent gamer’s forum) user, there are a bunch of people who have early copies of Final Fantasy 16 on their hands in the wild already. 

However, the problem is, they are now going to the internet and trying to ruin the experience for the unlucky few. Instead of keeping it to themselves, they have started sharing story spoilers left and right. Worse yet, these include in-depth game mechanics and side content, which many want to experience without any prior knowledge.

That said, not all of them are bad. Some are genuinely helpful and just happy to have early copies. In fact, there has been a group of curious fans who have started to inquire about the story progression of the upcoming game. This includes asking more personal questions regarding their enjoyment of the game. Additionally, they also ask if there are any mechanics not present in the demo. While some are just expressing their happiness and gratitude to be among the lucky few to try out the monumental game much earlier than most. 

But then again, these genuine happy moments are easily outweighed by the bad.

Spoilers Flooding In

To say that gamers are furious about this development is an understatement. After all, they have waited for years to experience Final Fantasy 16. Patiently excited for the new direction the Final Fantasy franchise is heading with. To have their experience with it effectively tainted by non-caring individuals just feels like a nightmare. Several users in the ResetEra forum reportedly went together to block any and all spoilers regarding Final Fantasy 16. 

Final Fantasy 16 Clive and Joshua

If you are one of such, we highly recommend that you act now before even more game-breaking spoilers start to leak out. Thus far, the spoilers are limited to the earlier sections of the game. Evidently, these will become more prominent as early copy players progress deeper into the game. 

In fact, we suggest that you clean your search history from YouTube and other video-hosting sites as well. This is to prevent any unwanted info as you patiently wait for the game’s official release date.

How Fans May Have Obtained Early Retail Copies of Final Fantasy 16

Here are several ways in which fans have managed to obtain early retail copies of the 16th mainline game in the Final Fantasy franchise:

  1. Retailers breaking the street date. Some retailers have been known to unintentionally or deliberately release games before the official street date. This provides fans with the opportunity to purchase them ahead of time. That said, this practice is generally considered a mistake or a quick profit strategy.
  2. Importing from other countries. Since Final Fantasy 16 is already out in certain countries like Japan, fans who are eager to play the game can import copies from these regions. This allows them to access it before the official release in their own country.
  3. Acquiring review copies. Gaming websites and magazines often receive review copies of games prior to their official release. In some cases, fans who have connections or know the right people within these outlets have managed to obtain review copies for themselves.

It is crucial to note that selling or distributing a game before its official release date is illegal. However, despite this, fans have found various means to get their hands on early copies of Final Fantasy 16.

to those looking to play Final Fantasy 16 with a blind perspective, better lay off the internet for a while!

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