DSG Reveals All-Female Valorant Team

DSG Reveals All-Female Valorant Team

    Last Updated on March 28, 2023

Disguised Toast announces his all-female Valorant team. A while back, Disguised Toast stated that he wanted to sign a team for the Valorant Game Changers. Game Changers is a program giving women and non-binary individuals a chance to compete in the professional league.

Toast also has an all-male Valorant team, consisting of veteran pros like Joshua “steel” Nissan. Other members also include XXiF, Exalt, clear, and Genghsta. They debuted last February during the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT).

Aside from being a variety streamer for Twitch, Toast is now busy managing his teams. When the all-female Valorant team roster came out, it excited the fans. However, it also left them a bit skeptical and shocked about the team members.

DSG All-Female Valorant Team Members

Once Toast announced the members, it left the fans with doubts. After all, the Game Changers team consists of four streamers competing in the professional league. It’s also the first time for those streamers to play professionally, making this their debut. Toast’s team consists of:

  • Lydia “Tupperware” Wilson
  • Kyedae Shymko
  • Jodi “QuarterJade” Lee
  • Sydney “Sydeon” Parker
  • Tenzin “TrulyTenzin” Dolkar

Although the announcement received positive feedback, there were still some questions to answer. After all, Kydae is a member of 100 Thieves. Would she still be a part of the organization after signing with DSG?

Nonetheless, Valorant streamers, fans, and pros alike loved the roster. Although it is their first time on the professional scene, fans and pros believe that they have what it takes. After all, they have put tons of hours into playing Valorant.

Fans also believe the team can compete seriously with the help of Tupperware. Lydia “Tupperware” Wilson is a former Immortals player and experienced professional. We can also see their practice sessions throughout the week as they stream them live.

It’s also a chance for them to build rapport and teamwork before their first match. The all-female Valorant team will compete at the Game Changers Open Qualifiers match on April 4, 2023.

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