DRX Defeats Global Esports in VCT

DRX Defeats Global Esports in VCT

    Last Updated on May 29, 2023

Korean team DRX kept their record spotless after they defeated Global Esports in an epic showdown in the VCT Pacific League on Monday, April 3.

The two teams met for the first time in history, and they did not disappoint the fans. Although DRX swept Global Esports, 2-0, the second map played in Split went to eight overtime.

In the post-match interview, DRX star player Jung “Foxy9” Jae-sung admitted that he felt nervous in the last round, but he was sure they would sweep Global Esports.

“Well I was very nervous towards the end of the last round, but I don’t think we’d gonna lose it anyway. I’m sure we were going 2-0 the Global Esports,” he said in Korean.

DRX vs. Global Esports: Map 1 – Haven

In the first map of Haven, DRX was off to a slow start after losing the first two rounds on the defenders’ side. They quickly flipped the momentum thanks to BuZz’s three kills in the third round. At the end of the first half, DRX was leading 7-5.

On the attackers’ side, DRX again started slow, losing four in the first five rounds. The game shifted in their favor after BuZz won the 1v1 against Global Esports’ t3xture.

Global Esports managed to tie the game at 11-all, but Foxy9 took the mantle and got four kills in Round 23 to give them the match point.

In the last round, Foxy9 delivered what was expected of him, killing three players of Global Esports to give them the first map.

DRX vs. Global Esports: Map 2 – Split

In the second map of Split, DRX could not sustain the momentum on their side after winning the first round. Global Esports won five of the next six rounds before DRX returned to their usual selves. At the end of the first half, the two teams were tied at 6-all.

DRX lost the first two rounds on the attackers’ side before winning the next three, thanks to Rb’s three kills in Round 15. Global Esports’ Monyet gave his team a halt after an ace in Round 18. 

In the last two rounds, DRX successfully planted the bomb, but Global Esports showed guts as Monyet and WRONSKI delivered to extend the match into overtime.

In overtime, DRX drew first blood in the defending side, but Global Esports quickly equalized the game in the next round. The two teams went back and forth in the next four rounds before DRX’s BuZz and Mako got two kills each in round 31.

At match point, DRX stax proved he wanted to go home early as he killed four players of Global Esports to give his team their second victory.

VCT Pacific League Standing and Week 3 Preview

After two weeks and ten games, only four teams – DRX, T1, Gen. G Esports, and Team Secret – remain undefeated. Paper Rex and Zeta Division are 1-1, while Global Esports, DetonatioN FocusMe, Rex Regum Qeon, and Talon Esports are at the bottom with a 0-2 record.

DRX will next face Talon Esports in the second game on Sunday, April 9. Global Esports will also face Zeta Division in the first game. Stay tuned to the website for more updates about VCT. You can also follow us on social media to receive updates faster.

Photo Credits: VCT Pacific Twitter (1st Image) | VCT Pacific Twitter (2nd Image)

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