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Dota 2 Playoffs Lima Major and the Day 1 Fiasco

Dota 2 Playoffs Lima Major and the Day 1 Fiasco

    Last Updated on March 2, 2023

The Dota 2 Playoffs Lima Major marked South America’s first official Dota major. For many players, it is a hallmark moment in history, highlighting the best of LATAM Dota. Instead, viewers were treated to a fiasco that spanned more than half a day. 

The Lima Major group stages were a non-issue in terms of problems. Viewers and live spectators are voicing their grievances heard on social media outlets as the major unfolded.

At the start of the major, Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski, began watching the Español stream. It took the English stream a long time to start, while the Español started early. Members of the community dubbed it “The Pause Major,” due to excessive pauses.

 Reasons would include a long pause due to the player booth falling apart. Another reason would be audio issues that postponed games. Undoubtedly, the Dota 2 Playoffs were not off to a good start.

Dota 2 Playoffs Venue

Detrimental to the viewers and players is the quality of the venue. We learned that the Major venue is a tented area structure with little to no air conditioning. In their first series, Entity asked for three fans due to the heat inside the booths. 

The entire area felt like a greenhouse, says one of the commenters. They also added that 4D Esports knew it would be hot. This would end up netting misplaced mockery, such as “Winter Major btw.”

Of course, the passion of the fans overpowered the heat, but for how long? After Evil Geniuses lost against Entity, most of the crowd went away. For one, the results dismayed the fans, due to EG competing against Beastcoast for tournament life. 

Second is that no one wanted to sit for 12+ hours with no food variety, and humid conditions. Lastly is the location, located in a remote place. In the 21st century, the Dota 2 Playoffs face an organizing nightmare.

Fans from Peru and abroad demand 4D and Epulze to rectify these problems moving forward. With 6 total days in the venue, many expect a turnaround of conditions on the second day. Keep checking on the website for more updates as the tournament progresses.

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