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Dota 2 Berlin Major – Schedule, Where to Watch

Dota 2 Berlin Major – Schedule, Where to Watch

    Last Updated on April 22, 2023

With the conclusion of the Spring regional league, the Spring Dota 2 Major in Berlin, Germany is on its way. Dota 2 came with a new major update a few days ago, and with little preparation, this is looking to be a great major. Majors in Dota 2 came from the system of Counter-Strike and improved and tweaked to fit Dota’s competitive system. Competitive glory in Dota came off as aggressive and methodical due to the major system.

In this modern era of the DPC, Majors cap off the seasonal leagues towards The International. Winter saw Gaimin Gladiators win the first Major in the competitive season in Lima, Peru. Their competitiveness and grit earned them the gold of Winter. But with Berlin coming within days of a new patch, and other regions looking to capitalize, this is the way. Watching this major is a priority for most people, let’s see where we can watch this amazing major.

Dota 2 Berlin Major: English-Speaking Audience

According to the Liquipedia website, there are official streams for the English language. ESL is the official broadcaster of the Berlin Major and is the sponsoring organization as well. The concluded Winter Major was organized by Epulze and 4D Esports, and the major was broadcasted by the former. For the group stage, they will broadcast via multiple accounts on the streaming site Twitch. There will be four streaming ESL accounts, including the original one.

As for other streaming sites, ESL will also stream the Major on their YouTube channel. However, as per the webpage, they will stream on one account only. However, these official streams are not the only way to watch as an English viewer. Like other organizers, they ask or allow streamers to co-stream the tournament for its duration. The most prominent co-streamers for tournaments is Swedish streamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski.

Dota 2 Berlin Major Players

Dota 2 Berlin Major: Spanish-Speaking Audience

There are many viewers in the Spanish-speaking world. This was made clear during the Lima Major when the 4D Esports Spanish streams were filled with viewers. As for the Spring Major, the official broadcaster will be ESB, the organizers of the South American leagues. Of course, the viewers will opt for the ESB streams, with their three other accounts for group stages. But for those who cannot use Twitch, there are others as well.

ESB also streams on its YouTube and Facebook and Trovo pages. These ESB websites also carry on with the three other accounts in B, C, and D streams. Same with the English streams, Spanish streamers will also co-stream the major for more coverage. An opportunity to expand the Spanish coverage is important for SA Dota to thrive. ESB is wise in adding more options for the viewers to watch the Major.

As of the publication of this article, there are still no links for the Chinese and Russian-speaking audiences. But the best way to watch the stream is through DotaTV, in the Dota 2 client. Just turn off the comments on DotaTV, because it is largely unmoderated.

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