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Critics Accuse Archangel Studios of Plagiarism

Critics Accuse Archangel Studios of Plagiarism

    Last Updated on March 18, 2023

Critics accuse Archangel Studios, creators of Bleak Faith: Forsaken, of plagiarism. The release of the new souls-like game has fans excited worldwide. After all, the Bleak Faith offers a unique kind of exploration.

However, not everyone took a liking to the new dark title. Game critics accused the developers of theft because of the similar animations in Elden Ring. They also compared numerous photos and instances.

Archangel Studios responded to these allegations by confirming they legally acquired those animations. The developers even went as far as telling the critics that they will rework those animations if it could affect the market.

“Since the start of development, Archangel Studios has always been transparent with its community about the use of Epic Marketplace assets. While only 10% of the game has been outsourced in this manner, it has helped speed up the development process immensely…”

Archangel Studios

The developers also continued by saying it was a vital resource to utilize throughout the four-year development. After all, they purchased the assets in question from Epic Marketplace in good faith. 

They also had an understanding that Epic went through the proper vetting and review process before listing them for sale. You can also check out the Epic Marketplace for yourself to see the legalities of the matter.

Players Call Out Archangel Studios for Using AI Art

Image of Archangel Studios AI Art Usage
Image taken from Twitter | @HolographState

AI art split the community in half. One favors its usage, while the other claims AI art will harm artists. However, it is important to note that the developer team for Bleak Faith: Forsaken only has three people.

So, plenty of gamers also forgave them for using Artificial Intelligence generated images. After all, with only three people releasing a full video game is a miracle. However, Archangel Studios also told their fans that they would adjust and add more in the next patches.

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