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BetBoom Team Warned after Post-game Message

The BetBoom Team was given a warning after one of its players expressed unsportsmanlike behavior after a match. Former NA DPC player Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko taunted his opponents postgame. It also prompted Paragon Events, the EEU organizer, to issue the same warning. Even more, this happened in Game One in an official match against the opposing team, One Move.

Since the start of the winter tour, the region angled the BetBoom Team as favorites. Even more, this held as the team won every single game they were scheduled to play. But, in the match against One Move, the first game went down to a slugfest. Both teams clawed their way to a win for over 60 minutes of play. After any match, a team can type “gg” in all chats to signal the other team that they give up. 

What Did BetBoom Nightfall Do?

BetBoom Team offlaner, Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko, at the end of the game type “GG EZ” at the end of their 60-minute game. This kind of message can be seen typically in games typed in by players after a game.

However, official games see it as unsportsmanlike behavior. Of course, people can see this as a remark made in the heat of the moment. This also makes more sense as Dota games tend to be grueling affairs of cooperation. 

Paragon Events, the organizing body for the EEU Winter Tour, has since published a warning on Telegram. It includes a warning made to the BetBoom Team. However, as for what the penalties are, there is no clear answer.

As for BetBoom Team, they will go on to win that series against One Move, and the next series against Na’Vi. 

BetBoom is likely to secure a spot in the upcoming Lima Major after winning 5 straight series. Up next for them is Nemiga and TI10 champions Team Spirit. If BetBoom Team wins the next series, they lock in their spot in the Lima Major.

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Jean Salgados
Jean Salgados
Spent all the years of his college writing for the school newspaper and transitioned to casting Dota 2 games shortly after graduation.


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