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Alleged Cheating in SEA DPC Div 2 Revealed

Alleged Cheating in SEA DPC Div 2 Revealed

    Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Cheating in SEA DPC? Competitive integrity in the SEA Dota scene is under scrutiny as evidence of cheating surfaces in Division 2. The recent allegations are pointed at Team Flow. A twitch clip depicts a professional player alt-tabbing during the laning phase. Though it is anecdotal, viewers were quick to conclude the small act was part of something sinister.

Cheating has a notorious part of any competitive game. While developers try to keep competitive integrity afloat, some players come with negative agendas. The clip shows the player Yeong “Mercury” Shi Jie on Ember Spirit. While laning, the player’s camera shows his face light up briefly before going back to the dimmer light. This clip was taken by ex-BOOM player Dreamocel.

Cheating in SEA DPC?

Comments in this Reddit post made by u/lordsavor, added that Mercury alt-tabbed just before 6 minutes. It is important to note that runes spawn every 2 minutes after 4 minutes. They alleged that Mercury opened a third-party program to access what they called a “Byakugan” hack. Players also call the hack that way because the user can see everything. That means no fog, maphack, true sight, and knowing what are illusions from the real hero. 

Another Reddit post by lordsavor, shows SPAWN Team’s Mamangdaya looking at a replay. It shows a Batrider seemingly aware of an invisible Timbersaw’s pathing without true sight. A skip also reveals the same Batrider being able to blink on top of a Naga Siren in the fog. Mamangdaya noted how the Batrider’s Curson seemed to stop suspiciously for a few moments. 

You can also see a sudden stoppage of the cursor in the Timbersaw portion as well. Mamangdaya remarked “…take 2 screens, should have brought 2 screens,” after reviewing both moments in the clip. Cheating in SEA DPC can have major consequences, especially for SEA’s reputation.

The comments under the second post note Team Flow to be ex-Summit. For all but their current offlaner Nevermine, Flow carried over Summit Gaming’s roster. The comment added that Summit was disqualified in a Tier 4 tournament for alleged cheating against SPAWN.

Mamangdaya laments why Team Flow can do this in the DPC. Fans rallied to his support, as all eyes are now on Valve. Behaviors like this ruin the competitive integrity of a sport. An investigation is now underway, with a response expected in the days to come.

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