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ALGS All-Filipino Team Qualifies Split 2 Pro League

ALGS All-Filipino Team Qualifies Split 2 Pro League

    Last Updated on March 2, 2023

The ALGS welcomes the all-Filipino team, aka F.A.T.E., to the Split 2 Pro League stage. The Apex Legends Global Series is also one of the most competitive Esports tournaments worldwide. After all, it’s one of the most skill-based FPS games compared to CS: GO or Valorant.

F.A.T.E. is a professional Apex Legends Esports team that, unfortunately, did not cut the Split 2 Pro League. After all, they only achieved 10th place in Split 1 of the ALGS. However, two teams, FreeAgents and Emmanuel, decided to disband, giving the All-Filipino team a chance.

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F.A.T.E.’s ALGS Journey

Apex Legends Global Series is a Battle Royale where teams must compete for points to proceed. However, only three members make up one team. For F.A.T.E, those members include 23Tikss, myAntu, and Andongx.

They achieved 11th place at the ALGS Challenger Circuit (CC) #1 while also placing 16th at CC #2. Then, at CC #3, they achieved 4th place with 1380 CC points. However, they only placed 13th at CC #4.

Yet, F.A.T.E.’s journey does not end there. With their accumulated points, the team proceeded to the Split 2 Pro League Qualifiers. Unfortunately, they only placed 10th in the qualifiers. However, as we said earlier, two teams disbanded, giving them a chance to participate in the Split 2 Pro League.

Now, on March 11 to April 29, 2023, we can see the All-Filipino team play with other regions online. The ALGS is also merciless, and we can’t wait to see F.A.T.E. prove themselves on the battlegrounds.

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