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Best Counters to Clint in Mobile Legends

Best Counters to Clint in Mobile Legends

    Last Updated on May 9, 2024

In the fast-paced battles of Mobile Legends, facing off against Clint, the West Justice, can be a daunting task. Known for his lethal laning phase, Clint can dominate early game with his skill, Quick Draw. However, if you’re looking to turn the tables, there are specific heroes that stand out as effective counters for Clint. Let’s explore who these heroes are and how you can use them to gain the upper hand.


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Beatrix as a Counter

Beatrix, with her arsenal of guns, is a formidable marksman and one of the top counters for Clint. Her sniper rifle, Renner, allows her to deal damage from a distance, staying out of reach of Clint’s shorter-ranged skills. If Clint closes in, Beatrix’s Tactical Reposition can dash her to safety. Mastering Beatrix’s diverse weaponry is key to outplaying Clint in the gold lane.

Harley’s Burst Advantage

As a mage with high burst potential, Harley is another excellent counter for Clint. His skill combo, Deadly Magic and Poker Trick, can decimate marksmen like Clint who lack mobility. Harley’s Space Escape provides both the means to engage and disengage, making him a persistent threat that Clint struggles to pin down. Utilizing Harley’s mobility and burst damage is crucial when countering Clint’s playstyle.

Beleric’s Defensive Power

Belerick, the Guard of Nature, is a tank whose abilities make him one of the natural counters for Clint. His passive, Deadly Thorns, retaliates against damage received, which is particularly effective against heroes reliant on basic attacks. With the right items, such as Blade Armor and Antique Cuirass, Beleric can withstand Clint’s onslaught and turn his damage against him.


When you’re up against Clint, choosing the right hero can make all the difference. Beatrix, Harley, and Beleric each offer unique ways to counter Clint’s strengths.

Whether you prefer the long-range tactics of Beatrix, the burst damage of Harley, or the tankiness of Beleric, using these counters effectively can help you neutralize Clint’s impact and lead your team to victory. Remember, knowledge is power, so go forth and conquer the Land of Dawn with confidence.

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