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Wild Rift League Asia Will Not Continue in APAC: G2 Blacklist Moves On to Honor Of Kings

Wild Rift League Asia Will Not Continue in APAC: G2 Blacklist Moves On to Honor Of Kings

    Last Updated on June 7, 2024

On April 15, Riot Games dropped a big announcement: they’re cutting out the APAC region from future Wild Rift League Asia (WRLA) competitions. For G2 Blacklist, this was a shocker. It meant they had to rethink everything after being top dogs for so long.

However, what really got G2 Blacklist fired up was the chance for payback against Keep Best Gaming (KBG) in Season 3. They were thirsty for revenge after previous losses.

G2 Blacklist The best APAC team for Wild Rift League Asia Season 1

In the Wild Rift League Asia (WRLA) playoffs, the format was straightforward: the top four teams from the round-robin stage advanced. Nigma Galaxy’s journey to the grand finals was a mix of close calls and tough losses.

Their victory against J Team in a 3-2 match showed their ability to grind out wins in tight situations. But in the grand finals against Keep Best Gaming (KBG), they struggled, losing all four games.

Nigma Galaxy’s playoffs run was a learning experience. It showed how far the gap between APAC’s top 1 and CN’s top 1 is. 

G2 looked for Revenge during Season 2

In Season 2, G2 Blacklist faced a tough time, failing to secure a single win during the round-robin stage. This placed them at the bottom of the list, making their journey significantly tougher compared to the previous season. However, this setback served as fuel for their determination. They rose to the challenge, demonstrating their resilience by decisively defeating KT Rolster 2-0 and Edward Gaming 3-1 in subsequent matches.

In the Finals, KBG and G2B engaged in a fierce contest, with neither team holding a clear advantage. The series swung back and forth, with each side claiming victories in alternating games. However, it was games 4 and 5 that proved pivotal, as KBG managed to secure crucial wins, edging ahead in the series. Despite G2B’s resilient performance, KBG ultimately emerged victorious with a hard-fought 4-3 triumph.

In the crucial Game 7, G2B faced a defining moment during a dragon fight, which ultimately turned the tide against them. Losing this pivotal battle seemed to shake G2B’s confidence, leading to a loss of composure as the game unfolded. Meanwhile, KBG remained composed and capitalized on G2B’s errors, ultimately securing a decisive victory to close out the series.

Following their defeat against KBG and with the APAC region closing in on their Chinese counterparts, G2B eagerly anticipated Season 3 of Wild Rift League Asia. However, their hopes were dashed when news arrived that there would be no further seasons, leaving the team disheartened and longing for more competition.

Honor of Kings Announcement: Blacklist International Included

When Blacklist International appeared among the teams announced for the Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2, rumors started flying. People speculated that the former Wild Rift team might join the Philippines qualifier for the event, marking a transition into a new competitive scene.

The current Blacklist International roster features familiar faces, including Chammy1, Juschie, Aaron, Goldenkite, and Chazz. Notably, Chazz, formerly from RRQ, fills the role previously held by Dr4w. Chammy1, previously ineligible due to age restrictions, now joins the main roster after reaching the required legal age on March 31. This left fans thrilled with familiar names in a different game and continued their longing for a Blacklist win in Wild Rift, now transferring that hope to Honor of Kings.

Blacklist International Competes for Invitational

It’s evident that despite being relatively new to the game, Blacklist International showed promise, especially considering their recent transition from Wild Rift to Honor of Kings. Their performance in the recent games demonstrated potential. However, their journey was cut short in the Grand Finals against Boom Esports, a team with a year-long history of playing together.

The Grand Finals Struggle of Blacklist International 

Blacklist International faced tough times, notably in Games 2 and 3, which ended in just 12 minutes each. These quick finishes showcased their challenges against Boom Esports, who played with a unique style, different from other teams.

In Game 3, Boom Esports used Guiguzi, a not-so-common hero pick, to disrupt Blacklist International’s strategies effectively. Despite this challenge, Blacklist International stuck to their traditional lane-focused gameplay. Boom Esports, on the other hand, opted for aggressive map-wide strategies, with fast rotations and constant pressure. This difference in playstyles made the match-up intense, showcasing the varied approaches of the two teams.

What’s Next for Blacklist

In the upcoming Last Chance Qualifiers against other SEA teams, Blacklist International will once again fight for their place in the spotlight. Despite the short two-week window for preparation post-qualifiers, they’ve showcased their competitive edge.

While their performance against Boom Esports hinted at their potential, there’s still ground to cover in their transition to Honor of Kings. However, their determination suggests that they’re on the brink of becoming a formidable force in this new game, Honor of Kings. As we await their next moves, it’s clear that Blacklist International’s journey in Honor of Kings holds much promise.

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