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Why It Seems Riot Forgot About Yorick in League of Legends

Why It Seems Riot Forgot About Yorick in League of Legends

    Last Updated on July 13, 2023

League of Legends has plenty of old champions, like Yorick. Yet, not many of them receive love as frequently as others. Examples of loved characters are Ryze, Katarina, and much more. This is also why players decided to out Riot Games developers for forgetting about the Shepherd of Souls.

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Why Yorick in League of Legends Is Constantly Forgotten?

As we said, the Shepherd is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. Although he received some love, fans feel the kit is still incomplete. Unlike other champions, like Yasou, Kai’Sa, or Akali, he doesn’t receive much notice during updates or patches. He hasn’t received a new skin in forever.

Although Yorick might not be an icon in League of Legends, he still deserves some respect as an OG champion. The only reason why Riot seems to forget him is because he doesn’t really have much potential. This also leads to lower pick rates and popularity.

However, those who main him constantly beg Riot for an update on their favorite champion. The last update only gave him the spotlight for a little while. However, no one has seen him in ranked queues since then.

Yet, Riot has also said that they would eventually give Yorick an update in League of Legends. One example of how the champion is unviable is in the new Arena game mode. It undoubtedly includes that there are no minions inside the map, which are important to his kit. In the end, it only made the Shepherd unplayable.

So, will Yorick finally receive a new update in League of Legends? Stay tuned to the website to find out more.

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