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Twisted Treeline: Will It Ever Return?

Twisted Treeline: Will It Ever Return?

    Last Updated on July 26, 2023

The Twisted Treeline in League of Legends often received mixed reviews from players. Yet, everyone wonders if it will return after its retirement in 2019. Riot has not said anything for almost five years after they removed it from the client. So, it’s now up to us as gamers. Would we want the map to return to League of Legends?

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The Twisted Treeline of the Shadow Isles

The map’s lore originates from the Shadow Isles and helped in the creation of Maokai and Elise. It was also one of the original maps in League of Legends, alongside the Howling Abyss and Summoner’s Rift. Everyone who played before 2019 remembers this map because Riot also included it in events.

Yet, what also made the Twisted Treeline unique was the in-game map mechanics. It only had two lanes and a large jungle covering the middle section of the map. You would also find Altars that required defense if you wanted buffs to help you win. There was also the infamous Vilemaw, the Spider God, which was Baron Nashor’s counterpart.

The gameplay included a 3v3 in a similar style to the Summoner’s Rift — destroy the Nexus. However, it was the player’s choice to queue for the map since it was like the regular 5v5. If you wanted a quick yet competitive game mode, you would choose to play this map.

So, will the Twisted Treeline ever return? After all, Riot has its focus set on the new Arena Mode, which they might make permanent. Yet, as one of the original players in 2013, I can’t deny missing the old map. It was a good choice, especially when only two of my friends were online.

It even hosted events like All For One and Ultra-Rapid Fire (URF). There is no information as to when it will return, but players are making an effort to get it back. However, that is up to Riot Games to decide if the demand is big enough (unless they forgot about it like Yorick). We’ll let you know if we have more news to share. Until then, stay tuned to the website for more League of Legends updates.

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