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Tryndamere Buff Makes Him The Star of the Game

Tryndamere Buff Makes Him The Star of the Game

    Last Updated on September 3, 2023

Patch 13.17 is here and Riot made some changes to tons of champions, including a buff for Tryndamere. Although buffing one of the oldest champions in the game might not sound a lot, it is too strong. After all, he might be the answer to the arrival of Briar and her seemingly overpowered skillset. In any case, you should check him out soon on the Summoner’s Rift.

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Tryndamere Buffs Are Insane

The developers decided to increase Tryndamere’s attack range, which makes him a threat to top-lane champions. Although it explains his more-than-obvious large sword, it could change the meta. Now, the raging warrior will be on equal ground with ranged top-lane champions and popular mid-lane picks.

A few days after the release of Patch 13.17, Tryndamere quickly became the trending champion for the top lane. The Tryndamere buff works wonders against Darius and Aatrox. However, he still needs some mechanical skills to always come out on top. After all, you can’t just press R and hope for the best. Here are his buffs:

  • Attack Range: 125 increased to 175
  • Attack Damage: 72 decreased to 68

Now, we’re not saying that the decrease in damage is a complete nerf. After all, an extra 50 to his attack range means that he can have more leeway to farm creeps. Now, the Tryndamere buff can help him catch up to an enemy.

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