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The Meta Breaker DoinB and His Unique Picks (Worlds 2019)

The Meta Breaker DoinB and His Unique Picks (Worlds 2019)

    Last Updated on June 30, 2024

During the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, DoinB of FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) captivated audiences with his innovative approach to the mid lane. Known for his unconventional champion picks, DoinB’s strategic diversity and mastery of off-meta selections played a pivotal role in FPX’s journey to becoming world champions.

This article explores five of DoinB’s standout picks—Sion, Malphite, Rumble, Nautilus, and Kayle—and analyzes how each champion disrupted the tournament’s meta, reshaping expectations and demonstrating the power of creative gameplay.

Titanic Tank – DoinB Cosplays theBausffs

DoinB’s use of Sion in the mid lane at Worlds 2019 highlighted his knack for redefining the role of a traditional tank. Sion’s robust kit, featuring crowd control and durability, allowed DoinB to dominate lanes and apply pressure across the map. His strategic deployment of Unstoppable Onslaught (R) provided FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) with crucial engages and zoning potential in teamfights.

However, FPX faced a setback against J Team in this particular match, despite DoinB’s Sion pick. This loss doesn’t overshadow the strategic value of having three juggernauts in their composition, which enabled LWX and Tian to focus on dealing damage.

DoinB’s innovative approach with Sion showcased his creativity, even though it didn’t yield success against JT during the group stages. Interestingly, this was both the first and last time FPX opted for Sion at Worlds 2019.

Rock Solid Strategy – Disruptive Mid Lane Rock 

Malphite emerged as a surprise pick for DoinB during Worlds 2019, challenging opponents with his disruptive abilities and tanky presence. By choosing Malphite in the mid lane, DoinB effectively countered high-mobility compositions and capitalized on positional errors.

His well-timed Unstoppable Force (R) engages turned the tide in crucial teamfights, solidifying Malphite’s role as a game-changing pick that disrupted established strategies and secured critical objectives.

In a notable instance against GAM, DoinB’s Malphite initiated a pivotal Baron fight with a massive ultimate that caught opponents off guard. This play resulted in multiple deaths for GAM, leaving them unable to effectively respond thereafter. DoinB’s Malphite posed a significant challenge during the early game, especially against a heavy AD composition with minimal AP threat from Heimerdinger. This strategic advantage allowed FPX to dominate and secure an easy victory in that particular game.

Fired Up – Roaming RUMBLE Revolution

DoinB’s adaptation of Rumble to the mid lane demonstrated his proficiency with high-damage, area-of-effect champions. Rumble’s Flamespitter (Q) and Equalizer (R) provided FPX with unparalleled zoning potential and sustained damage in team engagements.

DoinB strategically placed his Equalizer to turn battlegrounds into zones of contention, enabling FPX to control key objectives and dictate the pace of matches against any team.

In a notable series against Invictus Gaming, DoinB’s decision to pick Rumble into Rookie’s Syndra showcased his confidence. Opting for the Predator rune, DoinB focused on effective roaming rather than traditional laning, amplifying his impact with timely Equalizers.

His early-game power was highlighted by securing three kills, and a perfectly placed Equalizer at the 16-minute mark led to a decisive triple kill. Throughout the game, DoinB continued to disrupt Invictus Gaming’s early kills with well-timed Equalizers, culminating in an impressive 10 kills on Rumble by the end of the match.

Ascending to Victory – Late-Game Savior

DoinB’s Kayle pick during Worlds 2019 exemplified his preference for champions capable of scaling into late-game dominance, a strategy complemented by occasional Ryze selections. Taking to the mid lane, Kayle’s journey from early-game vulnerability to late-game powerhouse just showed that even with normal laning DoinB could shine.

With farming and well-timed interventions using Divine Judgment, he ensured that FPX’s damage dealers could assert themselves early on, while saving his ultimate for crucial late-game team fights.

In a notable match against GAM, DoinB’s role evolved as he initially supported Tian’s aggressive early-game plays. Skillfully timed Divine Judgments increased Tian’s confidence, enabling him to secure multiple kills without hesitation.

As the game progressed, Kayle’s late-game strength combined effectively with LWX’s Vayne. Together, they formed an unstoppable late-game duo that proved overwhelming for GAM.

Depth Charge Dominance – The IG Slayer

Nautilus’s transition from support to mid lane under DoinB’s guidance epitomized FPX’s disruptive gameplay strategy. With Nautilus’s crowd control and tankiness, DoinB disrupted enemy formations and facilitated decisive engages.

His precision with Dredge Line (Q) and Depth Charge (R) effectively isolated priority targets, turning skirmishes into advantageous teamfights that pushed FPX towards victory in critical moments of the these fights.

DoinB’s Nautilus acted as a mage initiator, using Dredge Line (Q) to catch out key targets like IG’s carry players—such as Rookie or JackeyLove—and disrupting their positioning with Depth Charge (R). In crucial dragon fights, DoinB’s Nautilus engages, locking down IG’s damage threats and allowing FPX to secure objectives easily.

These engagements often swung the momentum in FPX’s favor, leading to map control and advantageous teamfight positioning. This specific example forced IG out of their position and even left Shy vulnerable, making it easier for Tian to pick him off. Many opportunities like this arose due to the sheer presence of an AP Nautilus.

G2 prepared against DoinB by using Pyke to gain an edge, but ultimately failed. DoinB’s impact on the game with Nautilus outplayed Caps’ performance, prompting G2 to ban Nautilus in game 2 and later have Mikyx pick it for themselves on game 3. The threat posed by DoinB’s Nautilus was evident, affecting the series decisively in favor of FPX, who secured a 3-0 victory.

The Effect of Doinb’s Picks After Winning Worlds 2019

DoinB’s bold champion picks during Worlds 2019 reshaped the landscape of competitive play and cemented his status as a crazy player. From Sion to Kayle, each pick brought differing strengths to FPX’s pool, challenging opponents’ expectations and highlighting the power of innovation.

As FPX won the Worlds title, DoinB’s legacy as the maverick who popularized mid lane Nautilus remains a testament to his influence on shaping the tournament’s meta. This was also an inspiration for the Sett and K’sante picks long after Worlds 2019 ended. His unconventional approach continues to be remembered, inspiring shifts in mid lane picks.

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