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The Legendary Faceoff Between the Villains (DK) and the Heroes (T1) in Worlds 2021

The Legendary Faceoff Between the Villains (DK) and the Heroes (T1) in Worlds 2021

    Last Updated on June 24, 2024

The Heroes

In 2021, T1 embarked on a journey of redemption at Worlds, led by the iconic Faker alongside a roster of new talents. Despite a challenging season in the LCK, where they faced formidable opponents, T1 entered Worlds as clear underdogs compared to the dominant DK in Worlds 2021.

This tournament wasn’t just about reclaiming past glories but also about proving their resilience and determination on the global stage. For T1, Worlds 2021 represented a critical opportunity to defy expectations and reaffirm their status among the world’s top teams in League of Legends.

The Villains

Damwon Gaming KIA (DK) solidified their role as the villains of Worlds 2021 as the #1 seed from LCK. Led by the formidable ShowMaker, they exuded dominance and precision, consistently outclassing their opponents.

ShowMaker’s aggressive playstyle and imposing presence in the mid lane made him the ultimate villain, known for toppling every mid laner he faced. His charismatic personality on stage added to the narrative, cementing DK’s reputation as the team to beat and intensifying the hero-villain dynamic at Worlds 2021.

DK’s Nature’s Grasp Keeps T1 Firmly in Check (Game 1)

During this time, Faker’s Ryze was one of his most iconic picks, and his confidence showed as he squared off against ShowMaker, who also picked his signature champion. This game highlighted the fierce rivalry between the two mid laners.

T1’s draft seemed to lack damage, which was a critical flaw. In contrast, DK’s full damage composition allowed them to capitalize on T1’s engagements, setting the stage for an intense match in Worlds 2021.

The first game of the series was critical, with both teams battling evenly in the early stages. Faker initiated the action by teleporting top, securing First Blood by ganking and killing Khan. Shortly after, DK responded by making plays in the bottom lane, securing two kills.

Faker then returned to the top lane to assist Canna in securing another kill. The game then entered a brief lull until DK initiated the Rift Herald. Although T1 attempted to contest it, DK successfully kept them at a distance, securing the Herald and slipping away unscathed.

With this move, DK gained a firm grip on the game. They executed a successful dive on T1’s bottom lane, securing two more kills, and utilized the Rift Herald to claim the First Tower bonus. This play gave DK a 3k gold lead, allowing them to dominate the map.

They collected a dragon and a second Herald, further solidifying their advantage. At the 18-minute mark, DK deployed the Herald mid to inflict tower damage, leading to a skirmish around the dragon pit. DK’s swift engagement netted them a quick kill, forcing T1 to retreat and allowing DK to secure their second dragon.

After a few minutes of farming and a tense stalemate, the action reignited at the 23-minute mark. DK executed a swift engage in the mid lane, resulting in the deaths of two T1 members. Seizing the opportunity, DK rushed to Baron and secured it after eliminating two more from T1 in Worlds 2021.

With Baron buff in hand, DK systematically demolished multiple towers and two Inhibitors. As they set their sights on the final top Inhibitor, a decisive fight broke out. DK overpowered T1, securing an Ace before demolishing the Nexus to claim victory in Game One.

The villains, DWG KIA, secured a decisive victory in the first game, showcasing their dominance. T1, however, is determined to bounce back and even the series in Game 2, aiming to reclaim their momentum and challenge DK’s strong start.

T1 holds their Ground with their Deadly Flourish in Game 2

In Game 2, both teams drafted early-game compositions. T1 focused on wombo combos with Yasuo with 3 champions to enable him, aiming for decisive teamfights. Meanwhile, Damwon KIA prioritized snowballing through early advantages, particularly enabling Ghost on Draven to dominate the laning phase and secure objectives swiftly.

In Game Two of the DK vs T1 series at Worlds 2021, the pace markedly slowed following the explosive opener. T1 initiated early aggression by diving onto ShowMaker mid, securing First Blood just three minutes into the game.

The next significant skirmish unfolded at the 10-minute mark in a top lane 4v4, resulting in minimal casualties on both sides. Soon after, T1 deployed a previously secured Rift Herald mid to secure turret plate. While Damwon KIA capitalized on their advantage by securing an Infernal Dragon.

The pace shifted into a slower gear as the teams converged for a mid lane skirmish at the 18-minute mark. DK gained a crucial advantage from the engagement, with Ghost securing a kill and a significant gold bounty on his Draven.

Despite this, neither team capitalized on the momentum, resulting in a lull in action as they focused on farming and positioning. Meanwhile, T1 extended their lead incrementally by securing a couple of key tower kills. Maintaining their strategic advantage heading into the late game.

At the 24-minute mark, a pivotal team fight ensued over a critical dragon objective. T1 emerged triumphant from the skirmish, decisively wiping out Damwon KIA while losing only three of their own champions. For the next 10 minutes, both teams cautiously maneuvered around the Baron pit, neither committing to a full engage. 

The stalemate was broken at the 35-minute mark when Damwon KIA attempted a Baron rush after T1’s collective retreat. However, Oner’s expertly timed Smite steal turned the tide in favor of T1, enabling them to secure another team fight victory. With Damwon KIA unable to defend, T1 capitalized by marching down the mid lane to secure their first victory of Worlds 2021 against the reigning champions.

The heroes strike back, shifting momentum in their favor. DK faces the challenge of responding in Game 3, while T1 looks to build on their success and continue their path to victory at the stage of Worlds 2021.

Gumayusi Go Fast (Game 3)

In Game 3, Damwon KIA (DK) opted for heavy engage with two big initiators,Jarvan and Maokai, countered by T1’s swift counter-engage, Xin Zhao and Kennen, composition. This strategic choice provided T1 with a secure foundation, focusing on safety and reactive plays. However, DK aimed for aggressive engagement combos to swiftly eliminate key targets. T1 decisively outdrafted DK in this matchup.

DK initiated the game aggressively with Canyon securing First Blood on Faker early on. Despite an attempted dive bot resulting in a trade, T1 managed to pick off BeryL soon after. Canyon’s subsequent gank top aided Khan in eliminating Canna. DK continued to capitalize, securing objectives and winning a favorable two-for-one trade by the 15-minute mark.

In the mid-game, DK’s early lead began to falter. Although they held the advantage, T1 matched their tower pushes. At the 20-minute mark, a crucial team fight near Baron saw T1 eliminating four DK members with minimal losses.

The game hung in the balance as both teams hesitated to make aggressive moves. Then, at 27 minutes, T1 decisively engaged in a mid-lane skirmish, wiping out four DK players and securing Baron Nashor, shifting momentum in their favor.

With Baron in their hands, T1 advanced down the mid lane eliminating Ghost from the fight. This pick allowed T1 to gain momentum, pushing through towers and exerting control across the map. Despite DK’s efforts to defend their Inhibitors, T1’s relentless pressure and having Baron made it easier in Worlds 2021.

They dismantled DK’s defenses, ultimately overwhelming them in their base. With the Nexus defenseless, T1 clinched the victory, moving confidently to match point in the series.

T1 orchestrated a comeback, just making sure they win teamfights and get objectives made them win over DK. Now leading 2-1 in the series, T1 aims to maintain their momentum and close out the series in Game 4, while DK looks to bounce back and force a deciding match.

Game Four

In Game 4, DK drafted two assassins supported by strong engage champions, aiming to exploit T1’s vulnerable backline. T1 countered with Lulu to mitigate DK’s assassination potential, relying on her utilities to keep their team safe.

At five minutes, Canyon made his presence felt mid, orchestrating a takedown of Faker to benefit ShowMaker, though Oner managed to trade his life in response. Soon after, DK seized control of the Rift Herald and swiftly executed a coordinated dive in the mid lane. Overwhelming Faker under his own turret with a three-man assault. Meanwhile, Khan and Ghost capitalized on the opportunity to secure a kill on Gumayusi in the bot lane.

At 19 minutes, DK executed an engage in the mid lane, securing a three-for-zero kill exchange fueled by a standout performance from ShowMaker on LeBlanc. Throughout the game, Faker remained a prime target for DK’s aggression. Enduring another dive and suffering a solo kill at the hands of ShowMaker in the top lane.

Despite T1’s effort to claim the First Tower bonus on the top side, DK’s strategic use of the Rift Herald to shatter multiple plates amplified their snowballing advantage, pushing T1 further away from contention in Worlds 2021.

With Baron secured, DK capitalized on their advantage by winning a crucial teamfight, acing T1 and subsequently claiming the Baron buff. Using this to their advantage, DK  destroyed towers and seized two Inhibitors. Securing the Mountain Soul further solidified DK’s lead, leaving T1 unable to contest. In the final engagement, DK decisively defeated T1, destroying their Nexus.

With the series tied and tensions high, both teams are poised for an epic showdown to determine the victor. Silver scrapes plays, the stage is set for a finale where only one team will emerge as the team to fight against EDG. 

Game 5

In Game 5, T1 aimed to secure a strong engage composition featuring tools to peel for their backline, bolstered by Faker and Canna. DK incorporated champions like Zoe and Ziggs to capitalize on their long-range capabilities. Aiming to control fights from a distance nullifying the Kennen pick from Canna. This is also the first time that Zoe was picked by Showmaker in the Worlds Stage. 

As the match progressed, T1 initially gained an edge with the Rift Herald. However, DK swiftly struck back by focusing three members to eliminate Canna in the top lane. While T1 utilized the Herald for turret plates, DK capitalized on a skirmish win in the bot lane, securing their first dragon.

Both teams traded blows across the map, with Oner successfully ganking Khan and DK leveraging Ziggs’ Satchel Charge to claim the First Tower bonus. Towers fell on both sides as the game built toward a critical team fight near the Mountain Dragon. Where T1 secured two kills but couldn’t prevent DK from reaching Soul point.

Following these exchanges, both teams engaged cautiously, each seeking an opportunity to gain a decisive advantage. Despite their efforts, neither side managed to capitalize on a game-winning play. At the 28-minute mark, T1 attempted a scrappy Baron. It yielded no kills but left them with weakened health bars, forcing a retreat.

In a pivotal moment, Canyon seized the opportunity to eliminate Oner, sacrificing himself in the process. This sacrifice bought enough time for DK to secure the Mountain Soul as they pivoted towards the dragon objective.

Following DK’s acquisition of the Mountain Soul, T1, sensing the urgency, made a bold move by swiftly taking down Baron Nashor. Despite claiming Baron, DK refused to concede. They aggressively pursued T1, executing flawless team fights that resulted in the elimination of all five members.

Seizing the moment, DK surged towards T1’s base, reaching the Nexus towers. Yet, with Gumayusi and Faker respawning just in time, DK fell short of closing out the game.

In the game’s critical moments, DK seized control by starting the Elder Dragon fight, forcing T1 to engage. Canyon’s well-timed Smite secured the buff, tipping the scales decisively in DK’s favor.

Empowered by the Elder buff, DK dominated the ensuing team fight, swiftly eliminating all five members of T1. With their advantage secured, DK pressed their advantage, overwhelming T1’s defenses and securing the Nexus to clinch the victory.

This Was the ‘FINALS’ Game as Everybody said and the Villains won

In this dramatic tale of heroes and villains, Damwon Gaming KIA emerges triumphant over T1, solidifying their role as the antagonists of Worlds 2021. With their versatile drafts and aggressive gameplay, Damwon secures their victory. Leaving T1 and their fans yearning for another chance at World Finals glory, a quest that has haunted them for so long.

As Damwon Gaming KIA now sets their sights on EDG, a team that nobody expects would win. The next series is one full of surprises and not something that everyone will expect.

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