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The Arena Game Mode is Not Permanent in League of Legends

The Arena Game Mode is Not Permanent in League of Legends

    Last Updated on August 2, 2023

Riot Games recently published an FAQ, revealing that the Arena Game Mode in League of Legends is not permanent. It was the League of Legends Game Modes Design Lead Daniel Emmons who made statements in the article. It also included statements from Game Producer, Eduardo Cortejoso and Game Designer Stash Chelluck.

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Why is the Arena Game Mode Not Permanent?

The recent mode blew up in League of Legends and fans are all for it. Although there were rumors that it could be permanent, it turns out to be false. Unfortunately, the arena is not permanent in League of Legends. However, we might be able to change this if we keep playing.

In the article, they did say they see the potential of the Arena game mode in League of Legends. However, they need to know what the players think about it. If we can give them the much-needed data to keep it alive, then why not?

They also need to consider how it should look going forward. After all, they might bring it back earlier than later if it turns out great. This time, we can hope that it could be permanent. Yet, they also have to consider the balance changes and answer a few questions of their own.

Are the players satisfied? Do players still want to play after the honeymoon period of its novelty? The team has even more questions to answer about the Arena game mode. So, all we can do is decide for ourselves if we want to keep it or not. After all, what’s the point of the game mode if no one wants to play it?

Personally, I enjoy playing with the map. I can crush Teemo abusers who spam his mushrooms all day long. Yet, I’m just one opinion out of the many players worldwide. Do you want to keep this game mode? Or should we dump it in the trash bin? We’ll let you know if Riot has more to share. So, stay tuned to the website for the latest updates.

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