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Skin Gacha System Leaves League of Legends Fans Disappointed

Skin Gacha System Leaves League of Legends Fans Disappointed

    Last Updated on August 18, 2023

The new Skin Gacha system in League of Legends by Riot Games is leaving a sour taste in everyone’s mouths. You can find the system involved in the new Cosmic capsules, especially with the Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin. Although a gacha system works for games like Genshin Impact, not a lot of players like it.

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Why Fans Hate a Skin Gacha System?

Let’s face it. The system only works in specific games who’ve had it for a long time. Games like Genshin Impact or Apex Legends work wonders with their randomizers. After all, the developers incorporated the game’s progression alongside praying to the RNG (random number generator) gods.

However, the skin gacha system still receives plenty of resentment in those games. Not a lot of players are fans of not knowing what to receive once they pay for something. Yet, it seems to be one of the few things Riot overlooked. It can also lead to a much worse gambling addiction once players feel that short high.

Gacha is a form of gambling because you’re taking a risk with your money. Although some have mild forms, the outcome is usually the same in all games. Once you win something big, you get that short satisfaction rush out of nowhere. The next time you see a gacha, you’ll want to keep spending until you achieve that rush again.

The skin gacha system led to a negative response from the players, with some labeling this season as the worst. Some players also threaten to boycott the game after learning that it could be the direction for the future. Riot Games has made no official statements regarding the issue.

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