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Riot’s Reason for Not Making MSI Anthem 2024

Riot’s Reason for Not Making MSI Anthem 2024

    Last Updated on May 1, 2024

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) has long been a highlight in the League of Legends (LoL) esports calendar, with event anthems adding to the excitement and grandeur. Fans eagerly await these musical motifs, but for MSI 2024, Riot Games has taken a different turn.

The absence of an MSI Anthem 2024 has left many in the community wondering about the reasons behind this decision and its implications for the future of LoL esports events.


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Announcement of No MSI Anthem 2024

Riot Games has officially confirmed that there will be no anthem for MSI 2024, breaking from a long-standing tradition of event anthems. This announcement came just days before the event’s start date, leaving fans with mixed reactions.

While some are disappointed by the lack of a musical kickoff, Riot has stated that the focus will instead be on delivering a “thrilling broadcast experience” and shining a spotlight on the competitors during the opening ceremony.

Riot’s Focus on Broadcast Experience

In lieu of an MSI Anthem 2024, Riot’s emphasis will be on the broadcast experience, aiming to captivate audiences with high-quality production and a focus on the esports athletes themselves. The decision to drop the anthem is part of a broader strategy to enhance the viewing experience and celebrate the talent and skill of the players who have reached this international stage.

Riot’s Recent Business Moves

The decision to forgo an MSI Anthem 2024 aligns with recent business moves by Riot Games, including significant layoffs and a scaling back of esports efforts. These changes have led to a more streamlined approach to event production.

With a focus on cost-efficiency and a “bare minimum” strategy, particularly in Western markets. The cancellation of events like the LCS Roadshow and the reduction in development efforts reflect this new direction.

The Future of LoL Esports Anthems

With the MSI Anthem 2024 off the table, speculation arises about the future of anthems for LoL esports events, particularly the World Championship (Worlds). While MSI anthems have been popular, the anthems associated with Worlds have reached a higher level of acclaim and popularity.

The absence of an MSI anthem may not necessarily indicate the same fate for Worlds 2024, as the latter could represent a missed opportunity for fan engagement and revenue if omitted.

MSI 2024 Event Details

Despite the lack of an anthem, MSI 2024 is set to begin on May 1, with teams like FlyQuest, PSG Talon, T1, and Estral Esports ready to compete. The event will proceed with the promise of intense matches and a showcase of top-tier LoL gameplay, even as the traditional musical fanfare takes a backseat.


The absence of the MSI Anthem 2024 marks a notable shift in Riot Games’ approach to LoL esports events. While the decision may disappoint some fans, it reflects a broader trend within the company to adapt and streamline its esports offerings.

As MSI 2024 approaches, the focus remains on the players and the high-stakes competition that defines the event. Whether this change is a one-off or a sign of things to come, the LoL community will undoubtedly continue to rally around the sport they love, with or without an anthem to set the stage.

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