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Riot Has Issued Hardware Bans for League of Legends Cheaters

Riot Has Issued Hardware Bans for League of Legends Cheaters

    Last Updated on May 23, 2024

Cheating in games can ruin the fun for everyone, and if you’re a high-Elo player in League of Legends, you might have noticed this becoming a problem. However, there’s good news on the horizon. Riot Games has brought in their latest solution to combat cheaters – the Hardware Ban in League of Legends. This strict new measure is a significant move to ensure fair play in the competitive arena.


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Riot’s Anti-Cheating Efforts Ramp Up

For a while now, Riot has been battling to keep the League of Legends experience clean. But as cheaters have become more sophisticated, so too have Riot’s countermeasures. The introduction of the new hardware ban in League of Legends is a game-changer. Making it a very risky business for those thinking of breaking the rules.

With this new approach, cheaters won’t simply jump from one account to another – their very hardware will be barred from accessing the game.

Vanguard: Riot’s Anti-Cheat System

Riot’s underlying force in this fight is Vanguard, the kernel-level anti-cheat program. Initially deployed in Valorant, Vanguard has proven its worth by slashing cheating rates. Its success has now led to its implementation in League of Legends, with the firm belief that it can also suppress the wave of cheating there.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and Riot ensures that the Vanguard-led hardware bans in League of Legends aim to target only those who misuse the game.

Community Reactions and Responses

Your concerns are important, and Riot knows it. After the hardware ban in League of Legends, some players reported that their PCs were facing issues, alleging that Vanguard was the cause.

Riot quickly responded to these concerns, stating that there’s no confirmed instance of Vanguard harming players’ systems. Rest assured, the company’s priority remains to keep your game and hardware safe while making sure that cheaters are kept at bay.

The Effectiveness of Hardware ID Bans

Now, let’s get into the numbers. Hardware bans in League of Legends are not just about stopping one or two cheaters; they’re about setting a standard. If you cheat, you risk not only losing your account but also the ability to play on your computer. Since this approach has kick-started, the number of cheaters caught has seen a significant uptick, with the data showing bans shooting up since its enforcement on May 15.

Stats on League of Legends Cheaters:

  • Date of Vanguard Hardware Bans Implementation: May 15
  • Reported Cheating in High-Elo Games: April 11, 10% involvement
  • Ranks Highly Affected: Master, Grandmaster and above

These numbers reflect the gravity of the situation and Riot’s commitment to tackling the issue head-on with hardware bans in League of Legends. It’s a zero-tolerance policy that means business.

Maintaining Fair Play in League of Legends

Imagine putting in the hours, honing your skills, and climbing the ranks in League of Legends, only to have your efforts trampled by a cheater. Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, the good news is that by implementing hardware bans in League of Legends, Riot is taking a stand against such injustices. They’re tearing down the cheating carousel, where banned players would hop onto a new account and ruin more games.

Your passion for fair and competitive play is shared by Riot. They’re acting to preserve the integrity of the game and ensure your hard-earned victories are genuine. The hope is that with the hardware ban in League of Legends, cheating will not just be discouraged but will be rendered futile.


In conclusion, the path Riot is paving with the hardware ban in League of Legends could redefine the landscape of online competitive play. What’s at stake here isn’t just the current season or the next big tournament; it’s the very spirit of fair competition that lies at the heart of gaming.

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