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Quick Play Mode: Devs Have More Updates for League of Legends

Quick Play Mode: Devs Have More Updates for League of Legends

    Last Updated on July 30, 2023

Developers at Riot Games shared more about their plans for a Quick Play Mode in League of Legends. In a recent LoL Dev Update called The Mid-Year Check-In, Jeremy Lee and Andrei Van Roon had stuff to say. They discussed about the Essence Emporium, Wild Rift Skins, and a new game mode to replace Blind Pick.

Mid-Year Check-In | Dev Update - League of Legends
Dev Update Mid-year Check-in | League of Legends YouTube

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What is the new Quick Play Mode?

Simply put, the developers wanted this new game mode to replace the regular Blind Pick. You can choose your roles and champions like you usually can. However, this will all be done before the game starts. It also means that there will no longer be a Champion Select phase, which removes the purpose of Blind Pick’s exhausting champ select.

Although some might say this is an effect of the quick queues in Arena Mode, it could be due to an entirely different matter. Riot did plan for the Arena to become a permanent game mode in League of Legends. Yet, it might be a different conversation for the Quick Play mode.

The developers also said they wanted it launched before the mid-year patch. However, they needed to push it back while they worked on new updates for the game, which could be Kai’Sa and Naafiri. The new updates also included the new Emerald rank and the Soul Fighter Arena game mode.

If the new Quick Play mode rolls out, it will permanently replace Blind Pick in Summoner’s Rift. So, we might get to say goodbye to long champion select phases. Yet, it does lead to even more questions. How does champ select work? Do you need to queue with a 5-man party? We’ll let you know more once we have new information. Until then, stay tuned to the website for more news updates about League of Legends.

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