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Project L: Yasou Will Be the Fourth Champion in EVO 2023

Project L: Yasou Will Be the Fourth Champion in EVO 2023

    Last Updated on August 6, 2023

Riot Games is on its way to a full Project L, and they revealed Yasou as the fourth champion for the EVO 2023 showcase. Fans waited for a long while as the developers slowly, but surely, prepared the League of Legends fighting game. Now, there is a confirmed lineup that we can see in the gameplay showcase.

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Project L: Yasou | Riot Games Twitter

Project L: Yasou at EVO 2023

Earlier, last week, Riot revealed that they would have a demo for the fighting game at EVO 2023. They announced that there would be four champions to make an appearance at the demo. These champions include Ahri, Jinx, and Darius, all of which we’ve seen gameplay footage of in the Dev Updates.

Now, they confirmed that Yasou is the last one to make an appearance for Project L. Now, we’ll get to see the champion form combos with three different characters. After all, Project L is a 2v2 game with tag-team mechanics. It’s essentially a unique fighting game, especially since you have to rely on your teammate for help.

Project L: Yasuo, The Unforgiven - Champion Reveal
Yasou Reveal for League of Legends Fighting Game | Youtube

In the video, you’ll see Yasou’s debut with gameplay footage of his aerial combos in Project L. It also shows how he favors low strikes, considering him more of a sweeping character for the fighting game. The footage also shows his big normals and versatile stances, according to Lead Champion Designer Alex Jaffe.

Yasou is one of the most banned and most picked champions in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, League of Legends. His popularity lands him in the top ten list, which means he is an optimal option for the EVO 2023 showcase. It will be a sight to see a full game during the event, don’t you think? So, stay tuned to the website as we bring you the latest updates for League of Legends.

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