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PH Servers for League of Legends, Riot Games Will Install

PH Servers for League of Legends, Riot Games Will Install

    Last Updated on August 2, 2023

We will see PH servers for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics soon, according to Riot Games. Fans and players also can’t hold back their excitement. After all, internet connectivity issues are a major problem in the Philippines.

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PH Servers for League of Legends and TFT

Riot says that their teams will work hard to deploy the servers in the country. They are also running the required tests and checks to make sure it goes smoothly. After all, Riot also has some projects to handle, like the League of Legends fighting game.

Since Riot will work together with local internet service providers and companies, players can now experience better ping. For those who are not in the know, your ping means the time it takes for data to go back and forth. So, we might get better ping speeds once the PH servers come online.

We can also expect our game connection to improve during the middle of August. Other players who are closer to the servers may even experience pings below 15-25ms. So, are you excited to enjoy League of Legends and TFT at faster connections?

I, for one, am definitely excited. As a long-time League of Legends player, I know what it’s like to suffer under the hands of delayed reactions. This also includes rubber-banding and disconnections during a game. So, stay tuned to the website while we bring you more news about the PH servers.

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