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Patch 13.17 League of Legends – All Nerfs, Buffs, and Changes

Patch 13.17 League of Legends – All Nerfs, Buffs, and Changes

    Last Updated on August 26, 2023

The League of Legends Patch 13.17 is right around the corner, but it brings bad omens for the strong champions. This includes powerful jungle champions and top-lane powerhouses. Yet, it also involves some items that may or may not receive changes. Here’s what we know so far about the changes and some new features.

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Patch 13.17 Highlights

This update has 29 changes in total, which includes 21 champion changes and 8 item changes. However, the champion changes will have 9 buffs, 5 nerfs, and 7 adjustments. This also means that some powerhouse champions will be getting some upgrades or downgrades.

Patch 13.17 seems to target the pure killing power builds and adjust them over to durability. So, champions like Aatrox, Hecarim, Vi, and Xin Zhao will be receiving changes, nerfs, and buffs. We might not yet see the value of adjusting champions like Hecarim or Xin Zhao, but we are happy to see a change for Aatrox.

Champions affected by the changes to the Immortal Shieldbow from the previous patch will receive some buffs for help. The Jungle champions will also be affected due to the changes around the items and stats. Although the devs wanted to buff the weaker champions, they decided to nerf the stronger ones instead.

We don’t know why they chose that course of action, which is to hopefully balance the game. However, this could also mean significant improvements to ADC and Support gameplay. What do you think about Patch 13.17 targeting these champions?

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