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Not in Their Top Form, T1 Still Snags Top 3 in MSI 2024

Not in Their Top Form, T1 Still Snags Top 3 in MSI 2024

    Last Updated on June 12, 2024

The World Champions of 2023, T1, went on a commendable run during the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024, despite not being at their best. Their journey was marked by early challenges and final elimination by Bilibili Gaming (BLG), highlighting the hurdles they faced throughout the tournament.

DDoS Attacks During LCK Spring 2024

T1 was plagued by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in Korean solo queue, which intensified before the LCK Spring 2024 playoffs. These attacks disrupted online practice sessions, causing frequent disconnections that hindered proper preparation.

Key players like Mun “Oner” Hyeon-jun, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong, and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok were among the most affected, impacting their performance leading up to the tournament.

No Downtime for T1

Following their victory at Worlds 2023, T1 had no time to rest, immediately participating in the Red Bull Cup and various other commitments. Their involvement in local media and streaming further cut into their practice time, contributing to their struggles in maintaining peak performance.

BLG’s Aggressive Off-Tempo Plays

BLG’s unpredictable and aggressive playstyle proved challenging for T1 in MSI 2024. In every encounter, BLG’s off-tempo strategies, particularly from players like Bin, caught T1 off guard, contributing to their defeats in both the upper bracket and elimination matches.

Game 1: Setting the Tempo (BLG 1 – 0 T1)

The series opener saw a strong start from T1 with Faker’s Tristana securing early kills. However, despite early advantages and multiple skirmishes, BLG’s aggression and better coordination allowed them to build a significant gold lead, culminating in a decisive win. 

Game 2: A Quick Strike Back (BLG 1 – 1 T1)

T1 responded in the second game with a dominant performance. Gumayusi’s Draven led the charge with a triple kill, helping T1 snowball their lead into an oppressive mid-game. Despite resistance from BLG, T1’s momentum carried them to a convincing victory, tying the series. 

Game 3: Misplays and Missed Opportunities (BLG 2 – 1 T1)

In the third game, T1 initially secured first blood, but BLG quickly retaliated. Despite early misplays, BLG capitalized on key moments, particularly with Bin’s Twisted Fate, to secure a substantial gold lead and close out the game with a final score of 23-4.

Game 4: Intense Plays and Equalization (BLG 2 – 2 T1)

Facing elimination, T1 showcased resilience in MSI 2024, stabilizing the game and allowing Faker’s Aurelion Sol to scale. A crucial team fight around mid secured T1 the first Baron, enabling them to push BLG back. Despite close fights, T1’s strategic pincer attack allowed them to equalize the series, forcing a decisive final game. 

Game 5: The Final Showdown (BLG 3 – 2 T1)

In the final game, both teams sought early leads, but Bin’s Camille shone in critical moments. BLG’s relentless aggression proved too much for T1, leading to their defeat. The game concluded with a score of 18-5 in favor of BLG. With BLG advancing to the finals, T1 was eliminated in MSI 2024, securing a respectable third place.

Fans are still hopeful for T1’s comeback

Despite not being in their top form, T1’s journey in MSI 2024 showcased their resilience. Overcoming significant challenges, they secured a top 3 finish, reaffirming their position as a powerhouse in the League of Legends scene.

This performance highlights T1’s capability to remain formidable even when faced with challenges, emphasizing the chance for this current roster’s future success. As they get ready for the next season of LCK, T1 continues to be a team to watch, always ready and hungry to reclaim their title and get another title in their team’s name.

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