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New Mastery System Update: Not a Hit for League of Legends Players

New Mastery System Update: Not a Hit for League of Legends Players

    Last Updated on May 16, 2024

In the competitive realm of League of Legends, the new mastery system was meant to revamp how you showcase your prowess with your favorite champions. Yet, what Riot intended to be an exciting update has turned sour. League of Legends players across the board are expressing their dissatisfaction. The new system’s heavy emphasis on grinding has not been well-received, sparking widespread discontent within the player base.


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The Grind Takes Over

As you delve into the discussions on the League subreddit, you’ll find a common theme: the new mastery system is “way too grindy.” Formerly, reaching mastery levels six and seven rewarded your skillful S-rank performances. Now, you’re faced with the daunting task of playing an excessive number of games to accumulate mastery points. Shifting the focus from skill to time investment—a change many of you feel misses the mark.

Mastery Levels and Challenges Affected

Challenges like “Sage,” which required reaching level seven mastery for different champions, have become a steep mountain to climb with the new mastery system escalating the requirement to level 10. For you who had already earned these achievements, it’s even more disheartening to see your progress and titles stripped away, leaving you no choice but to re-engage in the grind.

Players’ Sentiments on Mastery Emotes and Points

It’s not just the system’s grindy nature that has you up in arms. Many of you have voiced your displeasure with the new mastery emotes and icons. Yearning for the old way of showcasing your millions of mastery points. The change to a level-based display feels lackluster in comparison. Failing to reflect the dedication and effort you’ve poured into mastering your champions.

The uproar against the new mastery system has become a rallying cry for you, the players, demanding Riot Games to take action. While the developers have not yet responded to the criticisms. The community’s persistence suggests that adjustments could be on the horizon if the discontent continues to swell.


As you stand united in your stance against the new mastery system update. You’re sending a clear message: mastery should be a testament to skill, not a test of endurance. Riot Games faces the challenge of reconciling the new system with the community’s expectations. Additionally, the outcome will speak volumes about their commitment to player satisfaction.

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