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New Champion Aurora Lore and Splash Art Has Been Revealed

New Champion Aurora Lore and Splash Art Has Been Revealed

    Last Updated on June 20, 2024

Breathe in the frosty air of Freljord and brace for enthralling tales as Riot Games unveils Aurora’s lore and splash art. She is the latest champion to grace the icy landscapes of League of Legends. As you immerse yourself in her mystic world, Aurora stands out with a narrative rich in spirit and a visual allure that captivates the hearts of players.

Aurora’s Backstory and the Freljord Connection

From a remote village tucked away in the vast expanse of Freljord, Aurora emerges with a gift that sets her on a path less traveled. Her vastayan lineage links her to familiar figures like Rengar and Ahri.

However, it’s her ability to commune with spirits that defines her journey. Known as the “Witch Between Worlds,” her isolated upbringing fuels her pursuit of knowledge and the mysteries that lay beyond her hometown.

Expanding the League Universe with Aurora

Aurora, with her distinct lore and splash art in League of Legends, weaves a new thread in the expansive tapestry of Runeterra’s champions. Her ties to the existing lore are solidified through her encounters with the likes of Ornn and Udyr. Her splash art, embodying the frigid beauty of her homeland, paints a picture of her unique bond with the ethereal.

The mystic tapestry of Aurora’s tale is rich with celestial encounters and ancestral bonds. In her quest, she meets Haestryr, the spirit elk, whose lineage is entangled with demigods like Ornn, Volibear, and Anivia. Her resolve to aid Haestryr lays down a path that intersects with the realms of the revered demigods of Freljord.

Integrating Aurora into the League Roster

The anticipation stirring among League of Legends fans isn’t merely for Aurora’s lore and splash art. It’s also for the role she will play in the vast roster of champions. How will her enchanting presence and the tales of spirits and demigods translate into her abilities on the battlegrounds? The community waits for the witch who dances between worlds, casting an aura over the upcoming matches.

Release Window and Upcoming Patch Expectations

Mark your calendars for the second half of July, as the winds whisper of Aurora’s arrival with the next patch cycle. This exciting addition promises to infuse fresh magic into the ongoing saga of League of Legends. Offering a new beacon of mystique and strategy for both seasoned players and novices of the Rift.


As the blizzard settles, Aurora’s introduction into League of Legends reflects the community’s voracious appetite for intricate narratives and sublime visuals. The enchantment of Aurora’s lore and splash art precedes her, instilling intrigue and excitement for the future of the League. Prepare to meet this new guardian of Freljordian lands. Where her every step weaves a tale of spirit and survival in the wondrous world of Runeterra.

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