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NA Legends Invitational Hosted By DisguisedToast

NA Legends Invitational Hosted By DisguisedToast

    Last Updated on August 22, 2023

Riot Games announced its first-ever League of Legends NA Legends Invitational with Disguised Toast as the host. The company behind Valorant and League of Legends also released a slew of Off-Season Tournaments for their first-person shooter game. However, this tournament will be the first of its kind in the League of Legends scene.

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What is the NA Legends Invitational?

Although we’ve seen content creators play with and against pro players before, we haven’t seen it in League of Legends. The Invitational will feature professional players teamed up with content creators playing against other similar teams over a two-day tournament. Riot Games partnered with Disguised Toast, content creator and owner of DSG, to make this happen.

The NA Legends Invitational is a follow-up of a similar show match in the NACL Summer Split. However, this tournament will have a $10,000 prize pool that goes alongside bragging rights. It also has a pair of Vi Gauntlets that are custom-made and will be engraved with the winners’ names.

NA Legends Invitational | LCS Official Twitter

According to Zack Elliot, Director of the NACL, he says that the experience to work with Toast is incredible. The show match alongside the success of the NACL Split brought the community together and fun League matches. He also says that they wish to continue the cross-over between content creators and League of Legends Esports.

Although we only know the captains’ names for now, we’re expecting some spicy team members to make an appearance. Toast dropped a hint about the players saying that it’s who he’s been a fan of and grown up watching. So, stay tuned to the website as we try to find out more information.

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