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Multiple VCS Players Hit With Bans After League of Legends Integrity Investigation

Multiple VCS Players Hit With Bans After League of Legends Integrity Investigation

    Last Updated on June 6, 2024

Riot Games’ commitment to competitive integrity has culminated in a substantial crackdown within the Vietnamese League of Legends scene, imposing a wave of VCS bans that has gripped the community. The fallout from this sweeping investigation shows the seriousness with which Riot approaches esports conduct. Additionally, the VCS bans send a clear message against violations.

Severity of the VCS Punishments

The VCS bans cast a wide net across eight professional teams, with eight players receiving permanent bans from future Riot-sanctioned events. The severity doesn’t end there—six players stare down the barrel of three-year bans. Moreover, others face one to two years away from professional play.

CategoryNumber of PlayersBan Duration
Permanent Bans8Indefinite
Three-Year Bans63 Years
Shorter-Term BansSeveral1-2 Years

Official VCS Statement and Reactions

The VCS’s response to the integrity violations was swift and decisive. Publicly announcing the bans while emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy toward actions that compromise competitive integrity. This stance was echoed on social media platforms, sparking widespread discussions in the community.

Violations and Code of Conduct

The players involved in the VCS bans have breached vital components of the Esports Global Code of Conduct. They cited Article Three, which includes cheating, match-fixing, and other severe infractions. Meanwhile, failure to report violations was found among others, leading to variances in ban lengths.

Several high-profile names, including BeanJ, Gloryy, and Froggy—who have graced international stages—were among those hit with VCS bans. The permanent removal of such figures from professional play alters the trajectory of both their careers and the VCS’s future.

Implications for League Integrity and Governance

The VCS bans have sent ripples through the esports world, reinforcing the sanctity of fair play in competitive gaming. It serves as a reminder that Riot Games will uphold the highest standards of conduct to preserve the integrity of League of Legends across the globe.


Reflecting on the sweeping VCS bans, it’s clear that Riot’s investigative measures have set new precedents for maintaining a fair competitive environment. As the esports industry continues to grow. Such actions are pivotal in safeguarding the legitimacy and honor of the sport. Providing a lesson for all current and aspiring professional players: integrity is paramount.

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