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Multi-Disenchant Feature, Devs Respond to Claims of Laziness

Multi-Disenchant Feature, Devs Respond to Claims of Laziness

    Last Updated on August 30, 2023

The multi-disenchant feature received some heavy backlash, which led to calling the developers lazy. The Riot Games devs decided to respond to the feedback regarding the feature. However, the players did have the right to call it out since it wasn’t working properly. Will this feature bring even more negative reviews along with the skin gacha system?

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What is the Multi-Disenchant Feature?

The Blue Essence Emporium is arriving soon and is one of the most anticipated events in League of Legends. So, players are rushing to disenchant plenty of their shards to collect some good old blue essence. To help with this, Riot Games also created a feature to gain essence faster than traditional methods.

The Multi-Disenchant feature can help you disenchant up to 50 shards all at once. Yet, the players also did not want this feature because they didn’t have complete autonomy. Players wanted to have the ability to choose which shards to disenchant. They also wanted to increase the limit of the number of shards to disenchant when using this feature.

Although Riot Games acknowledges these complaints, they did respond to the complaints about being lazy. The players thought that the developers’ laziness was the cause of the limitations of the feature. However, Rioter BacakProbama explained why they created these limits in the first place.

The limitation of 50 shards when using the Multi-Disenchant Feature is due to the server load. After all, they expected tons of players disenchanting for shards at the same time. If they didn’t put a limit, the server would crash and would create additional problems. However, the developers did assure players that the limit would increase in the long run.

Lastly, the developers made the feature with time constraints. The team understood that the players would want to disenchant as much as possible before Essence Emporium. So, what we have is a basic feature that might get upgrades in the future. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to stay tuned to the website.

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