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MSI 2024 Reached Record-Breaking Viewership After T1 Loss to BLG

MSI 2024 Reached Record-Breaking Viewership After T1 Loss to BLG

    Last Updated on May 19, 2024

As the stakes rose higher at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational, so did the MSI 2024 viewership numbers, breaking records that had fans and analysts alike taking notice. The electrifying semifinal showdown between T1 and Bilibili Gaming (BLG) not only delivered edge-of-your-seat action but also attracted a staggering number of viewers from around the globe.


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Semifinal Showdown Sparks Viewership Surge

When T1 faced off against BLG, MSI 2024 viewership soared to new heights, with over 2.8 million fans tuned in worldwide. This peak was not just a number—it was a loud and clear message from the League of Legends community that their passion for esports continues to grow.

The Draw of a Five-Match Thriller

The semifinal series was a rollercoaster that kept MSI 2024 viewership glued to their screens. From the first game’s bloodbath to the strategic masterclass and unorthodox picks like Faker’s Zac and knight’s Annie, the series epitomized what fans love about competitive League of Legends.

T1’s Impact on MSI 2024 Viewership

T1’s presence undeniably had a magnetic pull on viewership figures, as evidenced by the fact that they featured in the top five most-watched matches. With T1’s departure, the question looms: Will the viewership keep its momentum?

The Road to the MSI 2024 Championship

As the dust settles on the semifinals, the MSI 2024 viewership eagerly anticipates the final battle. Both Gen.G and BLG are hungry for their first MSI crown. Gen.G aims to break their international curse, while BLG seeks redemption for last year’s loss. Setting the stage for what could be another viewership shattering event.


The MSI 2024 viewership records are not just numbers. They are a testament to the game’s global appeal and the community’s fervent support. It’s clear that such moments are more than matches. They are milestones in esports history that will resonate for years to come.

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