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Most Picked Champion in MSI 2024 Struggles with Winning

Most Picked Champion in MSI 2024 Struggles with Winning

    Last Updated on May 14, 2024

As the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, MSI 2024, unfolds, the spotlight often lands on the champions that dominate the pick phase. The most picked champion in MSI 2024 has become the center of a curious conversation. While grabbing the attention of teams and audiences alike, this champion’s ability to turn games into victories is not aligning with their high selection rate.


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Vi’s Staggering Presence at MSI 2024

Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, has emerged as the most picked champion in MSI 2024, showing up in nearly every game. According to, her presence is unparalleled, but there’s an elephant in the room: a win rate of only 33.3 percent. Despite being picked or banned in 48 matches, Vi has only triumphed in 3 out of the 9 games she’s played, which is surprising for a champion with such a high pick rate.

Vi’s Competitive Edge in Pro Play

So what makes Vi the most picked champion in MSI 2024? Her kit is specifically designed for team fights, providing incredible value even without a wealth of gold. Vi’s ultimate, Cease and Desist, combined with Vault Breaker, ensures high-value targets are not only reached but also crowd-controlled, setting the stage for game-changing picks.

As we delve deeper into Vi’s strengths and weaknesses, we’ll compare her professional play statistics to Solo Queue performance and explore what the future might hold for her in Season 14. Will her dominance in pick rates continue, or will her win rate necessitate a strategic rethink? Let’s investigate.

Vi’s Solo Queue Performance Versus Pro Play

In Solo Queue, particularly amongst players ranked Emerald and above, Vi’s win rate sits at a more balanced 49.7 percent. Her pick rate drops to 6.3 percent and her ban rate to a mere 2.4 percent, a stark contrast to her MSI 2024 presence. This disparity raises questions about how her strengths are utilized differently in professional play versus the average player experience.

The Future of Vi in Season 14

Despite her struggles at MSI 2024, Riot Games has not signaled any imminent changes to Vi in the upcoming Patch 14.10. She’s seen as well-balanced by the game’s developers. Additionally, given her role as a low-economy champion with robust engage tools and durability. It’s likely she’ll continue to be the most picked champion in professional settings.


The conundrum of Vi at MSI 2024 serves as a fascinating case study in the complexities of balancing a champion. For both the upper echelon of competitive play and the broader League of Legends community. As the event marches on, all eyes will stay on the most picked champion. Watching to see if she can defy the odds and turn her popularity into more victories on the Rift.

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