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League of Legends New Game Mode: Swarm Details

League of Legends New Game Mode: Swarm Details

    Last Updated on June 23, 2024

Get ready to engage in a thrilling defense of humanity in the newest League of Legends’ Swarm game mode. This addition to the League’s lineup brings an intense PvE experience that challenges players to stand on the frontlines and combat the ever-encroaching threat.

From July 17 until August 19, immerse yourself in the bullet hell frenzy that is Swarm and take up arms with the Anima Squad to safeguard Final City.

Swarm Mode Gameplay Details

In the Swarm game mode, you and your squad will face off against the relentless waves of Primordials. Here’s what you’ll encounter:

  • Game Environment: A new PvE experience away from familiar League battlegrounds.
  • Gameplay: Survive onslaughts in Final City as part of the valiant Anima Squad.
  • Progression: Unlock upgrades and abilities to strengthen your champions with each match.
  • Teamwork: Join three other players in a cooperative battle against the enemies.

Anima Squad’s Role in Swarm Mode

The Anima Squad leaps into the spotlight within the Swarm game mode, turning League of Legends into a stage for epic PvE showdowns. As members of this futuristic cadre, you’ll champion the last bastion of hope against alien aggressors, transforming your gameplay into a fight for survival amidst the chaos of an Earth on the brink.

Skin Releases Alongside Swarm Mode

Complementing the adrenaline-fueled Swarm game mode are fourteen vibrant skins, each adding a splash of style and personality to your champions. Embrace the spirit of the Anima Squad or join the ranks of the sinister Primordials, with new skins such as Battle Bat Xayah or the mythic variant Admiral Battle Bunny Miss Fortune, ensuring you’ll stand out as you stand against the Swarm.

List of Skins with the Swarm Event:

  • Normal Skins: Battle Bear Illaoi, Cyber Cat Yuumi, and others
  • Legendary: Battle Dove Seraphine
  • Prestige: Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi and Prestige Battle Lion Leona
  • Mythic Variant: Admiral Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

Event Timeline and Additional Content

With Operation: Anima Squad commencing on July 17, the Swarm game mode isn’t the only treasure awaiting League enthusiasts. Before diving into Swarm, take a moment to celebrate present esports legends in the Hall of Legends event, wrapping up on July 8, which honors top players with unique skins in their honor.

Swarm Event Schedule:

  • Start Date: July 17
  • End Date: August 19
  • Preceding Event: Hall of Legends until July 8


As the doors to the Swarm game mode fling open, an exhilarating summer awaits League of Legends players. Embrace this once-a-year event that elevates the stakes, the style, and the storytelling within the League universe. Rally your squad, strategize your battles, and prepare to defend Final City from the Swarm. Your valor will be the light that guides humanity through its darkest hour.

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