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League of Legends Briar – New Upcoming Jungler

League of Legends Briar – New Upcoming Jungler

    Last Updated on July 10, 2023

A new champion called Briar is coming to the League of Legends following Naafiri in the 2023 Champion Roadmap. Riot Games has always made a point to bring us the most peculiar champions. Yet, they’re also calling this one the “hangry jungler.” What that means, most of us can only guess. Keep reading to find out more.

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Who is Briar in League of Legends?

Before anything else, Riot dropped a teaser for the upcoming jungler champion in League of Legends, Briar. Fans suspect that Briar is a she and that she comes from Noxus. Yet, they also teased that she is a Vampire with a fervent hunger. No, they are also not related to Vladimir, who is a Hemomancer.

Other than that, we also know that she has a Castlevania-esque aesthetic alongside gothic themes. Riot also emphasized that the new champion will be a hungry and angry (hangry) jungler. It seems this theme of uncontrollable hunger was ideal for Naafiri. However, Product Lead “Riot Lexical” and Lead Champion Designer “August” felt otherwise.

It also seems that they did tease the name of Briar in a Valorant teaser clip. It was for the release of Deadlock when Cypher was looking through the files of a lost Briar Team. Riot always has a knack for putting easter eggs in all the content they make, but this one takes the cake.

Now, we can only wait for more information about this hangry champion. Will she be like Fiddlesticks, one of the original demons? Will she be a Darkin as well? We’ll let you know once we have more to tell you. So, stay tuned to the website or follow us on social media to receive updates.

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