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League of Legends Anima Squad Event Details

League of Legends Anima Squad Event Details

    Last Updated on June 22, 2024

Prepare to join a new resistance in the realm of Runeterra as the League of Legends Anima Squad Event gears up to deliver an exhilarating summer adventure. Summoners, it’s time to call upon your valor as you and your allies stand firm against the approaching adversity in the game’s brand-new player-versus-environment mode, Swarm.

Event Overview and Start Date

Mark your calendars; the Anima Squad Event kicks off on Wednesday, July 17. The league is buzzing with anticipation for the chance to collect the latest Anima Squad skins, dive into the narrative-rich Swarm mode, and defend Final City from its most significant threat.

Anima Squad Event Key Details:

  • Start Date: July 17
  • Features: New skins, PvE mode Swarm, rich lore
  • Setting: Final City’s battle against the Primordians

Anima Squad and the Swarm Mode

Venture into the Swarm mode where bullets reign and monsters from beyond threaten the world. As part of the Anima Squad Event, this mode shifts away from the familiar rifts and into a ‘bullet heaven’ where teamwork and quick reflexes are key. Choose your champion from the Anima Squad universe and fight back the monstrous onslaught to protect Earth.

Unlocking League Goodies and Strategies

The Anima Squad Event isn’t just about battling it out against waves of enemies; it’s also a treasure trove of League goodies. With missions aplenty, you can look forward to unlocking in-game rewards that enhance your experience. Plus, with various weapons and build paths available in Swarm mode, you’ll find new reasons to jump back into the fray time and time again.

Squad Up for Anima Event Adventures

This event is best when you rally with friends. Create the ultimate team, mixing and matching champions and weapons, to find the winning strategy against the Primordians. The different playstyles and synergies in the event will keep your squad’s gameplay fresh, engaging, and endlessly fun.


As the call to arms echoes through the world of League of Legends. The Anima Squad Event promises to invigorate your summer with action and camaraderie. Embrace your inner hero, unlock exclusive content, and make memories that will last long after the event concludes. Get ready to be the shield that guards humanity—join the Anima Squad and reclaim peace for Final City.

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