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LCS Summer Split 2024 Brings Back Best of 3 With Its New Playoffs Format

LCS Summer Split 2024 Brings Back Best of 3 With Its New Playoffs Format

    Last Updated on June 5, 2024

League fans, take note: the LCS Summer Split Format is evolving! This year, in response to an overwhelming call from the community, the North American League of Legends scene is re-introducing the Best-of-3 series. This significant shift caters to your competitive cravings, ensuring that every match delivers thrills and a display of tenacity and talent.

Innovative LCS Playoff Format

The playoffs are seeing a revamp, as the Summer Split Format now puts all qualifying teams in the winners bracket from the get-go. A gauntlet-style lower bracket is introduced to add suspense and the possibility of upsets, making every match a do-or-die affair. Here’s what the new playoff bracket looks like:

Benefits for Top-Performing Teams

In the LCS Summer Split Format, succeeding in the regular season pays dividends. The top seeds benefit from a bye in the first round, potentially facing just two playoff series before the championship. This structure emphasizes consistent performance across the season and rewards the cream of the crop for their dominance.

With three spots for North American teams at Worlds 2024 up for grabs, the stakes are as high as ever. The LCS Summer Split Format isn’t just about claiming domestic glory—it’s a stepping stone to international acclaim. Each match could be the difference between watching from the sidelines and competing on the world’s biggest stage.

Anticipation for the Summer Split

Circle the date: the LCS Summer Split Format kicks off on Saturday, June 15. With the new changes, you can expect heart-pumping matches, strategic masterstrokes, and potentially, a dark horse making a miraculous run. The scene is set for an unmissable spectacle that might just redefine the landscape of the LCS.


As the LCS Summer Split Format introduces these bold changes, it’s an invitation for you to dive deeper into the fervor of the competition. Will these updates herald a new era of LCS dominance? Will we witness a historic climb from the lower bracket? Only one thing is certain: the LCS Summer Split 2024 is gearing up to be a season unlike any other.

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