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How G2 Got So Close in Defeating T1 in their First Playoff Game (MSI 2024)

How G2 Got So Close in Defeating T1 in their First Playoff Game (MSI 2024)

    Last Updated on June 21, 2024

This has been history in the making and G2 has been waiting for this since MSI 2023. G2 was not able to get far from the lower bracket to take them on. In the end, it was another dream that they had to take on during MSI 2024. The Bracket stage draw made it possible, and G2 was all grins.

Yasuo Became a Brokenblade Against Zeus’s Cards (Game 1)

G2’s Yasuo and T1’s Azir set the stage for an epic start to the series. The choice of these iconic champions from both teams added to the anticipation of the first game. The Yasuo pick was a surprise for T1, serving as a counter to Twisted Fate, and Caps’ Tristana made Faker’s laning phase challenging.

Caps’ excellent zoning secured the first blood against the Unkillable Demon King, and he continued to dominate by winning another 1v1 against Faker. Meanwhile, Brokenblade and Yike capitalized on top, pushing G2 to a 4-0 lead just eight minutes in.

T1 responded by collapsing on Caps with four players, securing a shutdown and following up with two more kills during front-to-back skirmishes initiated by Faker and Zeus.

Despite G2 capturing another turret with the Void Grub buff, T1’s Herald siege gave them a significant gold boost in MSI 2024. Brokenblade’s attempt to pick off opponents under the mid tower backfired, resulting in a 3-kill loss for G2. This setback allowed T1 to gain the lead.

With a Baron buff, T1 relentlessly targeted Caps, leveraging their crowd control to great effect. G2, despite their strong start and securing a Baron themselves, struggled against T1’s superior macroplay. Ultimately, T1’s strategic execution led to a turnaround and a game-one victory.

G2 has T1 in their Grasp with Great Crowd Controls (Game 2)

On paper, Taliyah seemed like a solid pick against G2’s composition, but with three champions diving in unison, it was nearly impossible for Faker to control them all. Meanwhile, Keria’s Neeko, a signature pick, posed a significant threat given G2’s composition tendencies to play close to each other.  

G2 Esports struggled in the early game, with Mikyx bearing the brunt of T1’s aggression in MSI 2024. This put them 1k gold behind as T1 focused on suppressing the bot lane.

Despite the early setbacks, G2 fought back with two crucial kills, catapulting them to a 2k gold lead. BrokenBlade’s Zac, with three completed items, became a powerful frontline presence.

This advantage allowed G2 to win two more skirmishes, securing a 2:1 kill lead and shifting the game’s momentum in their favor. Despite a risky nexus push, G2 Esports convincingly equalized the series at 1-1.

G2’s Clean Baron Takeover to Win the Game (Game 3)

The Camille pick was unexpected for T1, especially against a Poppy support. This mismatch led to awkward engagements for T1 and provided G2 with easy opportunities to capitalize on mistakes.

Game 3 was an intense battle, with summoner spells being burned on both sides just four minutes in. G2’s hyperaggressive playstyle aimed for a strong early-game lead, but T1 managed to keep the score close by playing smart.

Throughout the match, T1 struggled to engage effectively due to Mikyx’s Steadfast Presence. This ability disrupted T1’s attempts to initiate fights, allowing G2 to secure space and crucial kills in MSI 2024. This led to a game-defining lead and a clean Baron takeover, ultimately giving G2 another significant win.

Faker Divides G2 in Half!

G2’s composition appeared questionable on paper with Kog’Maw as their sole source of damage, heavily relying on Hanssama’s performance.

The early game unfolded cautiously, with neither team conceding first blood gold. T1 steadily amassed significant jungle resources, establishing a 2k gold lead. Meanwhile, G2 focused on containing Gumayusi to prevent him from becoming a major threat.

Despite securing two early kills, G2 faced an uphill battle. They narrowed the gap after winning a mid skirmish, but T1 turned the tide with a decisive engagement in the top jungle. Almost wiping G2, Faker’s Emperor’s Divide left only Yike alive. With Rek’Sai unable to reverse a 10-4 deficit, T1 asserted their dominance in Game Four of this 5 game series. Everybody’s banging their heads to Silver Scrapes. 

The Play that Lead to the $500 Ahri Skin (Game 5)

In Game 5, T1 approached the match with a deliberate strategy centered on patience and confidence in reactive plays. Their draft, however, appeared outmatched by G2’s front to back composition, which gave the European team a clear advantage from the outset of MSI 2024. G2’s focus on enabling Yike and Hanssama underscored their intent to capitalize on individual strengths for effective teamfight engagements.

G2 brought back their aggressive approach from Game 3. A tense 5v5 engage in the opening minute saw G2 securing first blood in the bot lane. Despite a slight slowdown in their tempo afterwards, G2 managed to exploit a subtle level advantage over the Kalista-Varus duo.

While Mikyx and HansSama asserted dominance in the bot lane, Faker and Oner focused on objectives to compensate for T1’s deficit. Despite trailing, Faker’s Ahri enabled T1 to secure a good amount of kills.

G2 prioritized funneling substantial resources into HansSama, banking on him as their win condition. Yet, Faker found an opportunity to get a charm during a midlane skirmish, effectively halting G2’s momentum. Despite G2’s determined efforts to regain control, Faker’s commanding presence with Lichbane gave T1 an edge they couldn’t overcome.

Ahri’s crucial charm on G2’s Jinx in the final moments cleared the path for T1 to dive straight into G2’s nexus. With this decisive move, T1 clinched the series in a tightly contested Best-of-5 series.

G2 Made it Hard for T1 in MSI 2024

G2 came incredibly close to toppling T1, their defeat was not due to draft choices or misplays, but largely attributable to Faker’s incredible ability to consistently pick off key targets at key moments. His exceptional playmaking throughout the series was the defining factor in T1’s victory. Even under normal circumstances, this series could have easily swung in G2’s favor, but Faker’s standout performances were simply exceptional.

Looking ahead, G2’s performance in this challenging series against T1 underscores their chances for winning again against the 2023 World Champions in MSI 2024. Despite the setback, G2’s journey continues in the LEC, with hopeful eyes on a redemption arc at Worlds 2024. Fans are eagerly anticipating G2’s continued growth and the potential for a rematch against T1 on the global stage.

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