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HLE Clid Banned for 1 Year For Sexually Harassing A Minor

HLE Clid Banned for 1 Year For Sexually Harassing A Minor

    Last Updated on September 6, 2023

Riot Games announced the ban on one of the stars in the LCK, HLE Clid. It is a 12-month ban due to the player being found guilty of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment. They launched an investigation prior to the ban into the messages that Clid sent to multiple women, including a minor.

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HLE Clid Guilty of Inappropriate Behavior

A while back, Twitter user “Seoyeon” posted several explicit DMs from the LCK star. It also included statements from Seoyeon that Clid’s team and Hanwha Life Esports ignored her messages. The issue then involved Riot, which made a formal investigation into the matter.

The investigation yielded the HLE Clid continued his inappropriate behavior even though the women rejected him. Riot’s investigation also included the leaked messages and a statement from Clid. In the end, there were no circumstances that suggested the women encouraged Clid’s behavior. According to Riot:

In particular, we determined that conduct such as making sexual comments to women who were underage is unacceptable under any circumstances

Riot Games

The LCK Investigation Committee also said that they needed to require strict action due to his recognized status. After all, idols and influencers, even professional gamers, must lead by example. So, the committee decided to suspend HLE Kim “Clid” Tae-min from the LCK and LCK CL for 12 months.

The pro player also has only 14 days to make an appeal to the South Korean Esports Fairness Committee. If he does not make an appeal, then the suspension made by the LCK will be final. The ban also applies to both domestic and international League of Legends esports leagues. It means that the player will not play the game for a whole year, raising questions about his future.

HLE Clid made some bad decisions and he is now facing the consequences. However, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to stay tuned to the website for the latest news.

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