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Gen.G Wins MSI 2024 Championship With An Open Nexus

Gen.G Wins MSI 2024 Championship With An Open Nexus

    Last Updated on May 20, 2024

League of Legends fans worldwide were captivated as Gen.G won the MSI 2024 Championship, a feat that etched their name in the annals of esports history. Facing off against the formidable Bilibili Gaming, Gen.G not only secured a slot at Worlds but also shattered the LPL’s dominance with a 3-1 series victory that will be remembered for years to come.


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Chovy’s International Triumph and Team Contributions

The victory at MSI 2024 marked a major milestone for Gen.G’s mid-laner, Chovy, who revelled in his first international win, a testament to his skill and perseverance. But this win wasn’t just Chovy’s; it was a collective triumph. Each member of Gen.G, from the strategic genius Canyon to the resilient top laner Kiin, made indelible contributions to their legendary run.

The Bot Lane’s Remarkable Performance

In the saga of Gen.G’s MSI 2024 campaign, the bot lane duo became the protagonists of an unforgettable narrative. Peyz, with a jaw-dropping pentakill, broke records and captured the hearts of fans, while Lehends fortified his status as an MVP with unmatched prowess on four different champions, showcasing versatility and skill.

Strategic Drafts and Game One Breakdown

Gen.G’s coaches had a secret arsenal ready for the MSI 2024 finals—new picks and strategies sculpted for the grand stage. Game one was a testament to their meticulous preparation, with Gen.G overturning BLG’s early game ambitions through strategic team fights and an iconic Elder Drake contest that laid the foundations for their series lead.

Dominance in Game Two and BLG’s Resilience

Gen.G’s dominance in game two was unequivocal, making it clear that they were there to win the MSI 2024 title. Lehends’ Blitzcrank and Peyz’s Kalista formed a synergy that seemed unstoppable. However, BLG showcased their resilience in game three, overcoming Gen.G’s weak front line and keeping their championship hopes alive with a decisive victory.

The Decisive Game Four

Game four of the MSI 2024 finals was a testament to the caliber of play fans expect from a championship series. Gen.G and BLG were neck and neck, but Gen.G’s calculated plays and superior macro management proved pivotal. Despite BLG’s valiant efforts, even an open Nexus couldn’t deter Gen.G from sealing their fate as the new MSI champions.

Looking Ahead: The Golden Road Challenge

With their MSI 2024 win, Gen.G has set their sights on the elusive Golden Road. A feat that involves winning all major tournaments in a year. As they prepare for the LCK Summer Split Playoffs and, eventually, the World Championship. Gen.G must maintain their championship form if they hope to make history once more.


Gen.G’s MSI 2024 triumph is not just a victory. It’s a narrative of resilience, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As fans and players alike reflect on this momentous occasion. The matches from the MSI 2024 finals will resonate as some of the most electrifying and inspiring in League of Legends history.

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