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Gen.G, From LCK to MSI, Complete Domination (2024)

Gen.G, From LCK to MSI, Complete Domination (2024)

    Last Updated on June 19, 2024

Gen.G Esports has Won its Fourth Consecutive LCK Title and Became the First Team in History to do so.

Gen.G Esports continues to assert its dominance in the LCK, clinching their fourth consecutive title, a remarkable feat unparalleled in the league’s history. Their latest victory in the spring split grand finals against T1 underscores Gen.G’s reputation as one of the LCK’s most consistent teams.

Despite facing setbacks, notably a loss to Hanwha Life Esports in the upper bracket semifinals, Gen.G displayed resilience and ultimately emerged triumphant, disrupting T1’s lower bracket momentum. This win not only secured Gen.G’s fourth consecutive LCK title but also secured them a coveted place in the Bracket Stage of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

Gen.G’s journey to their fourth consecutive LCK title was characterized by both dominance and determination. During the group stage, the team showcased their strength by losing only one match, against KT Rolster, while comfortably winning the remaining 17 matchups. In the playoffs, both Dplus KIA and T1 posed significant challenges, resulting in an intense five-game series. Despite these challenges, Gen.G remained composed and ultimately emerged victorious, further solidifying their position as the top team in the LCK.

The Close Grand Finals Battle

Kiin’s Massive Equalizer During Game 1

In Game 1 of the grand finals, Gen.G made a surprising move with a full lane swap early on, catching T1 off guard and getting an early lead. With Kiin’s impactful Equalizers and solid map control, they secured several dragons.

Despite T1’s sneaky Baron plays, Gen.G stayed ahead, but T1 fought back fiercely, especially with Faker’s impressive plays. In the end, Gen.G’s late-game objective control and decisive team fighting secured them the victory after a 42-minute battle, giving them the series lead.

Shurima Shuffle to Victory from Faker

In Game 2, T1’s mid laner, Faker, demonstrated his skill with a game-changing move. Despite Gen.G having an edge in dragon control, T1’s bot lane, Gumayusi and Keria, secured early kills, establishing a lead. Meanwhile, Gen.G’s mid laner, Chovy, posed a challenge on Aurelion Sol. After T1 secured the first Baron, they neutralized Chovy and seized the objective.

However, during the fourth dragon spawn, Gen.G rallied around Chovy, making him a target with a significant bounty. Faker’s decisive play at the 30-minute mark, eliminating Chovy and disrupting Gen.G’s wave management, proved crucial in tipping the scales in T1’s favor. With the Baron buff, T1 capitalized on their advantage, leveling the series

T1 Guma and Keria Duo Surfs to the Win

In Game 3, Oner from T1 made an impactful start by securing first blood with a solo kill on Canyon’s Xin Zhao in the jungle. This early pressure allowed T1 to establish a three-to-one kill lead. However, Gen.G fought back during the second dragon fight, leveraging Chovy’s power spike with Liandry’s Torment to secure three kills and regain momentum.

Unfortunately, a crucial mistake from Gen.G proved costly as Lehends was punished by Gumayusi’s Lucian near the top side of the map. This led to a team wipe for Gen.G, allowing T1 to secure Baron and further extend their lead. With an overwhelming advantage of 18 kills to nine at the 34th minute and a significant gold lead, T1 controlled the game, ultimately silencing Gen.G and preventing them from making a comeback.

Canyon Catapults the Team to a Game 5

In Game 4, Gen.G adjusted their macro strategy after learning from previous matches where T1 capitalized on Baron plays. They prioritized vision control around the Baron pit, preventing T1 from executing similar maneuvers. As a result, the game saw fewer deaths originating from skirmishes or isolated kills, leading to a relatively low kill count overall.

At the 26th minute, Gen.G capitalized on their improved macro play by swiftly eliminating Oner’s Xin Zhao and securing an ace, evening out the series in under 30 minutes in LCK.

Kiin Destroys T1’s Hopes and Dreams with K’sante

In Game 5, Gen.G maintained pressure through lane swaps, while Kiin showcased his skill by securing two solo kills on Zeus’ Zac in the tank versus tank matchup. Gen.G secured the first three dragons, with a pivotal battle occurring at Soul Point, allowing them to secure a free Baron. Canyon’s well-timed ultimate with Keeper’s Verdict further solidified their advantage, guaranteeing Infernal Soul and amplifying Chovy’s poke damage.

Despite T1’s efforts, including securing the second Baron and taking down mid lane towers, Gen.G remained proactive, initiating team fights and making conservative calls in LCK. With methodical play, they secured the third Baron and steadily chipped away at T1’s base, ultimately securing victory after 40 minutes.

MSI Expectations for Gen G

Following their hard-fought victory in a tense 5-game series, GEN.G received a wave of congratulations, confirming their status as a dominant force. However, concerns arose among fans regarding GEN.G’s inconsistent performance, especially against underdog opponents and a revamped roster in MSI.

While Chovy’s standout performance continued to impress, scrutiny fell on other team members for potential weaknesses revealed during the matches.

Despite these challenges, excitement remains high among fans for the upcoming matches. The anticipation of a showdown between Knight and Chovy has ignited enthusiasm, highlighting both the team’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Gen.G, directly invited to the bracket, showcased their strength as they progressed through the tournament. While facing Top Esports presented a tough matchup, they managed to secure victories efficiently.

Their wins against BLG, the top team from the LPL, further emphasized Gen.G’s dominance, winning both encounters with a 3-1 scoreline. This success underscores Gen.G’s ability to compete at the highest level, even against formidable opponents from top region, LPL.

The Grand Finals that Lead to the Continuous Dominance of Gen G

Canyon’s Karthus Singing their Praises

In Game 1, BLG’s early aggression proved formidable as they secured two kills on Kiin’s K’Sante in a lane swap scenario and dominated dragon control, even acquiring the Chemtech Soul. However, Gen.G turned the tide by capitalizing on a pick onto Xun’s Xin Zhao and securing Baron, initiating their comeback.

At around the 30-minute mark, a pivotal teamfight ensued around the Elder Dragon. Canyon’s Karthus played a crucial role, laying down perfect Defile zones, while K’Sante and Chovy’s Yone excelled in teamfight execution. Gen.G secured both the Elder Dragon and Baron, with Canyon’s precise Smite sealing the deal. They scored an ace without losing any members, securing the victory in Game 1.

League of Lehends

In Game 2, Lehends’ Blitzcrank performance was outstanding. He teleported to the lane to pick off Bin’s Camille, securing the first kill of the game. Throughout the match, Lehends continued to land flawless grabs during both laning and skirmishes, effectively stifling Bilibili Gaming’s comeback attempts.

This dominance led Gen.G to build a significant 10,000 gold lead, solidifying their 2-0 series advantage in the MSI. The standout moment came from Peyz’s remarkable performance, notably securing 28 kills and a pentakill.

BLG Strike Back! 

In Game 3, Bilibili Gaming showed resilience by using a poke-focused strategy with champions like Nidalee and Jayce. They focused on controlling the bottom lane and managed to gain an early advantage. Despite Gen.G’s efforts to take advantage of Bilibili Gaming’s mistakes, they couldn’t turn the game around.

The Open Nexus! 

In Game 4, Bilibili Gaming applied relentless pressure with Bin’s Camille in the side lanes, keeping Gen.G on their toes in MSI. Despite Gen.G’s sturdy defense, they faced setbacks when Xun stole Baron with Nidalee and lost crucial towers after a teamfight loss. However, Gen.G displayed resilience in critical moments.

Peyz’s takedown of Tristana, who threatened their towers, turned the tide. Gen.G secured the Infernal Soul and Baron, effectively shutting down any backdoor attempts. As the Elder Dragon emerged, Gen.G swiftly eliminated it and defended their base against enemy advances. With a decisive victory in the final teamfight, they secured the win after a hard-fought battle.

Gen G Won both LCK and MSI and Masters Shanghai

Gen.G’s recent triumphs at Valorant Masters Shanghai and MSI 2024 underscore their dominance in competitive gaming. With their impressive fourth consecutive LCK title, they’ve solidified their position as a powerhouse in 2 Riot Games titles.

Looking ahead, Gen.G’s relentless pursuit of these titles really suggests they’re poised for more, including a potential fifth LCK title and a strong showing at Worlds 2024. They should serve as a warning to every other team out there because they are a team to look out for in the next coming months. 

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